Conscious Living 3D printed red pen

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Cutting down on single use plastic can be tough and every little bit helps which is why we’ve created these biodegradable pens! 3D printed using sugar cane material, everything but the ink cartridge can be recycled About Conscious Living We’re going green in 2019 for FSC sake! Conscious Living is made using recycled and responsibly sourced materials so when you grab your new notebook, you’re really grabbing 8 coffee cups. That coin purse? Recycled leather. Your new A4 document file? Not only is it long lasting, but it’s recyclable too! We love this collection and what it stands for and we’re doing everything we can to make all of our products are eco-friendly as these are! Get your (green) hands on the whole collection here
  • Measures approx. 120 mm in length
  • Mechanism; you’ll need to take the lid off, but it’s good to go
  • Ink type; ballpoint
  • Ink colour; black
  • This product is 3D printed by Batch Works in East London
  • The sugar cane material this product is made from is biodegradable
PRODUCT NO: 00594370