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The Environment

It's never been more important to look after our planet. We are committed to being kind to the environment and have made positive progress across our products and practices over the last few years. Here's what we've achieved so far!

Our talented teams are always innovating with new, alternative and eco-friendly materials. All of the inks we print with are soy-based, and from 2021 we’re saying goodbye to any glitter that’s not biodegradable, so your stash of sparkly stationery will feel even more special. To ensure we make our mark in a positive way, we’re starting to reduce and offset our carbon footprint, including by working with more local suppliers. We’re also upping the feel-good factor of your favourite things by making more of our products and packaging recyclable. 

Stationery doesn’t grow on trees (we wish!), but paper kind of does, and a lot of paper goes into making lovely stationery. Paper is precious to us and to the planet, which is why all – yes, all! – of our paper products are made from FSC-certified or sustainable sources. We also hug trees to make sure they know how much we appreciate them.

Don’t be alarmed if you start to see more nudity in our stores. Every cellophane-free card has consented to being shown off in all its naked glory. In fact, we are parting ways with plastic wherever possible across our products, packaging and online deliveries. Our gift cards are now made from paper instead of single-use plastic and we’re also switching to fancy new paper carrier bags. Oooh.