Kawaii Kool fluffy unicorn and narwhal notebooks - set of 2

Product details
Little known fact, wild unicorns often carry young narwhals in their pouch until they're big enough to fend for themselves!* From our Kawaii Kool collection, this set includes two notebooks - one large lined pink fluffy unicorn notebook with approx. 90 sheets (180 pages) and one mini narwhal notebook with 32 plain sheets (64 pages)! To say these notebooks are eye-catching would be an understatement, prepare for turning heads and gasps of envy when you take out either of these notebooks! *May not be true of all unicorns, especially those outside of Kawaii Kool The Nitty Gritty Large notebook measures approx 150 x 30 x 225 mm, small notebook measures approx. 70 x 20 x 90 mm.
PRODUCT NO: 00581323