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Meet the Buddies

We love all things creative, from squishy pens to cuddly notebooks! We’re super excited to have our own range of colourful stationery that you can shop right here!

Buddies Buddies
Chi ChiChi Chi

I just love highlighters, erasers and everything in between! I have a lot, but after all, you can never have too much of a good thing!


I love making up stories about far off lands and big adventures, so my favourite thing to buy is a notebook!


Being a dreamer, I love scribbling down the things I imagine. I’m always buying art supplies to bring my ideas to life!


I love making memories and putting them all into scrapbooks so I can always remember how happy I am.


Inspiration can strike at any time, from catchy pop songs, to loved-up ballads, so I always carry a trusty journal with me!


I love unicorns and I also love stationery; so my favourite thing in the world is unicorn stationery!

Meet Sweetie

I love making memories and putting them all into scrapbooks so I can always remember how happy I am. I’m always making new memories, and therefore always scrapbooking!

Desk AccessoriesDesk Accessories

Meet Mimi

I’d love to be a pop star and dream of starting a band with my buddies! I always carry my journal, filled with lots of ideas for catchy pop songs.



Simple, smart and smooth, the acid-free ivory pages of our notebooks are as luxurious as writing gets.

This Christmas we’re bringing you the greatest show on the High Street. Gaze in wonder at our bright, bold and a little bit bonkers hanging decorations. Marvel at our spectacularly shimmering wrapping paper. Let us present you with stationery gifting ideas for all: from the festive filing freaks to the scrapbook and journal geeks and a little something for the jolly office joker.

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