STABILO point 88 fineliner wallet of 6 assorted Neon colours

Product details

The STABILO point 88 is perfect for school, uni or the office. The iconic shape and colour of these fineliners make them stylish and comfortable to grip too. This set includes 6 neon colours so you won't miss any of the important notes and with a 0.4 mm nib, these are as perfect for precision drawing as they are for writing and doodling! Thanks to the long cap-off time you won't have to worry if you accidentally leave it off (we're forgetful that way too, don't worry)

  • Measures approx. 165 mm
  • Mechanism; Click-on lid
  • Ink colour; blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and magenta
  • 0.4 mm nib - seriously fineliners
PRODUCT NO: 00586739