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Lovingly designed, expertly crafted and beautifully finished, Agenzio is our own brand of notebooks, diaries and journals. Crafted using Italian paper made exclusively for us, they’re perfect for a novel ready to be written, for an idea waiting to be captured, for a list that needs to be actioned. For every occasion, every emotion, everyone; there’s an Agenzio.

Wedding Decorations

Agenzio HeroAgenzio Hero
Agenzio ColourAgenzio Colour

The Cover Story

We’ve given the little black book a bright little twist with 14 colours and an array of prints.

It’s In The Detail

The smart leatherette cover, convenient inside pocket and smooth-as-silk paper make Agenzio notebooks the professional’s choice.

Agenzio DetailsAgenzio Details

Hen Party

Hen Party

Make sure the wild night goes down in history (or at least the local newspaper)

Thankyou CardsThankyou Cards

Agenzio For You

Make Agenzio your own with personalisation

Agenzio PersonalisedAgenzio Personalised

Are You On The Write Page?

From grid pages for drawing straight lines to ruled pages for staying inside them, there’s an Agenzio for every reason you might put pen to paper.

Rule The World

Agenzio Ruled PageAgenzio Ruled Page

Plain & Simple

Agenzio Plain PageAgenzio Plain Page

On Grid

Agenzio Grid PageAgenzio Grid Page

Hot To Dot

Agenzio Dot PageAgenzio Dot Page

Just In Case

Make sure the wild night goes down in history (or at least the local newspaper)

Agenzio pencil CasesAgenzio pencil Cases

Make Your Mark

Looking for inspiration? Browse our wedding gifts to find the perfect match.

Agenzio PensAgenzio Pens
Agenzio HeaderAgenzio Header

Thankyou Cards

If nothing else, always remember your please and thanks.

Thankyou CardsThankyou Cards


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