Committed to Doing Better

Caring for the planet is at the core of all that we do. Whether it’s making sure you can recycle your birthday wrap or send a card without guilt, sustainability is never just an afterthought. And although we know we’re not perfect, we’re always on a mission to do more.

That’s why we’re continually evolving our eco-efforts to ensure that even our behind-the-scenes processes are as planet-friendly as can be!  

  • Keen to be green

    We’re working on offsetting our carbon footprint, including by working with local suppliers. We’re also upping the feel-good factor of your favourite things by making more of our products and packaging recyclable.

  • Planet friendlier paper

    Paper is precious to us and the planet, which is why all (yes, all!) of our paper products come from FSC®-certified or other sustainable sources. We also hug trees to make sure they know how much we appreciate them!

  • Pulling back on plastic

    We’re parting ways with plastic wherever possible across our products, packaging and online deliveries. Even our gift cards are now made from paper instead of single-use plastic.

For FSC sake!

When you spot the FSC logo on one of our products, this means
that the materials used to make your favourite notebook or wrap have met FSC’s
very high standards, support responsible forestry and that your purchase won’t
result in harming the world’s forests. Plus, we’re also working to reduce the
pressure on natural forests by producing products from recycled fibres, like
our Kraft range.

Tote-ally fabulous!

Discover our sustainable cotton bags made from 100% recycled cotton, here in the UK. With almost no water, nearly zero CO2 emissions and no planet-harming dyes used to make them, these bags are friendlier to our planet. And we think you'll agree that they look pretty fabulous too.

Find out more about our cotton bags in The Journal.

Always ethically made

We’re passionate about treating people with kindness and respect, from every customer that walks into one of our stores, to those who produce the Paperchase products you know and love. That’s why act with integrity and transparency in all our business dealings and work to set up systems that safeguard against modern slavery within our supply chain. All our suppliers must demonstrate fair working conditions and sign our Code of Practice, which forbids the exploitation of workers and confirms that wages and working conditions are fair and comply with local laws.

Looking ahead

Even as we make our processes more ethical and sustainable, we know there is still more to be done. We’ve set our sights high and by 2024 we aim to ensure that all our plastic packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable and that all leather and cotton used in our products comes from sustainable, traceable sources. We’re working hard to meet these goals and you can already begin to see the changes for yourself, in-store and online. Check out our roll wrap, protected with fully recyclable sugar cane film or our range of seed paper products, designed to be planted. Plus, expect to see even more FSC logos as the number of certified products in our ranges grows. We look forward to continuing to make joyful products that make you, our lovely customers and the planet very happy.

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