We asked our fave crafter Emily Dawe to come up with 6 ideas for Easter Egg decorating, however we did have one little request… a Narwhal! She did NOT disappoint! Soooooooo cute!

First let’s grab some materials and get cracking (LOL!)

You will need (for all makes):

● Eggs – either real ones blown, or ceramic/polystyrene, check out our Easter Crafts section

● Acrylic Paint

● Paint brush

● Washi tape or egg cup (something for the egg to sit on to dry)

Egg 1 – Narwhal


1. Paint an egg blue, leave to dry and add another coat if needed.

2. Cut out a tail and two fins from blue felt. Use a bit of PVA to attach them to the egg – make sure you glue the tail to the thinner end of the egg.

3. Cut out the narwhal’s tusk. Roll it up tightly and glue, then give it a coat of some pale grey paint. Apply a little glue to the base and position onto the fatter end of the egg. Hold in place until the tusk adheres.

4. Draw on a cute face using a black pen, remember you can draw it with pencil first if you’re not feeling confident.

5. Mix up a deeper shade of blue paint, then use a small paintbrush to paint on spots along the top of the narwhal. You don’t have to be super neat, just some large and small markings. Finally add two rosy cheeks with the same pink as the unicorn’s cheeks. Ta-da, a delightful unicorn of the sea!


Egg 2 – Unicorn


1. Paint the egg with grey paint – or white, pink, blue – unicorns can be any colour you know!

2. Cut a piece of gold paper (or colour in with gold pen or paint). Curl it up to make a horn, secure with a piece of double sided tape. Then use some PVA glue to attach the horn to the top of the egg.

3. Cut two ears from white paper, add some pink to the centre. Glue the edges and position either side of the unicorn horn. You will need to hold these in place until the glue adheres.

4. With a steady hand, draw on two closed eyes with a fine black pen – you might want to draw these on with pencil first

5. Position sparkly stick-on gems around the ears and horn. You can add flowers and bows too if you like!

6. Dip your little finger into some pale pink paint and dab a rosy cheek just below the unicorn’s eyes.


Egg 3 – Gold Leaf


1. Paint the egg with a lovely mint green, adding a second coat if needed. Then leave to dry.

2. Apply some acrylic size to the base of the egg – this is a type of special glue – you could probably get away with using PVA!

3. When the size has gone tacky (around 10 mins after application) take a piece of replica gold leaf and press it against the egg. Keep dabbing on the gold leaf until all the tacky size/glue has been covered.

4. Use a soft paint brush to dust away any of the excess gold leaf – you can save these bits for another project!


Egg 4 – Spatter Effect


1. Place your egg on a roll of washi tape to raise it up from the work surface. Give the egg a coat of pink paint as far as the washi tape. When this coat is dry, pick the egg up and paint it’s bottom!

2. Leave the egg to dry. You may need to give it another coat.

3. Place some paper down to protect your work surface. Mix up some watery blue paint, dip in a paint brush, then begin flicking paint over the egg – warning, it goes everywhere!

4. When one side is dry, turn it over and flick paint on the underside.


Egg 5 – Personalised Egg

1. For the personalised egg, place the egg on some washi tape and paint the egg entirely with green paint. Leave to dry.

2. Press alphabet stamps into some ink and carefully spell out someone’s name on the side of the egg.

3. You can leave it like this, or add tiny splatters of blue paint (this was a happy accident created from the splattered egg!)

4. Leave to dry, then you can use them as and egg-selent alternative to a place setting!


Egg 6 – Gold Patterned Egg

1. Paint the entire egg blue (or whichever colour you like!) and leave to dry

2. Lightly draw lines on the egg, from the top to the bottom, in pencil

3. Go over the pencil lines with a gold pen, then draw circles/ovals along each line. They don’t

have to be perfect or symmetrical.


Makes, feature and photography by Emily Dawewww.emilydawe.com

Find Emily on Instagram @editbyemily

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