What do you call a creature that is half cat, half fish? A Purr Maid of course! Meet our new collection or crazy fish-taled furry felines. We did think though… cats quite like eating fish, don’t they? We’re sure these little cuties won’t be eating their own tails. Mind you… they are good enough to eat – so adorbs!


So what’s in the collection? Well, as it’s for Back to School, there’s a LOT of stationery, but don’t worry gift-lovers, we’ve got that covered as well. The design was based on the current trend for cat and fish hybrids – you’ll find them all over Instagram & pinterest from duvets to tattoos, the social scene is obsessed with them at the moment… and so are we. You’ll find a mix of pastel spectrums, iridescent, holographic and candy coloured Purr Maids all over the collection. Our top faves from the stationery side of the collection are our card pop-up filing units, which come in a set of two for the humble price of £10 – bargain! The stapler is ceramic, which feels robust yet quite delicate, so no angry stapling – K?


Pencil cases… some like simple sophistication in their design, but not us! As such, we’ve basically made a soft toy, removed the stuffing and added a zip. Why doesn’t everyone do that?If you don’t like plush, we’ve also got this shiny plastic one, which an air of the retro, or is that just us? We’re pretty sure we’d have stored our rubber collection in one of these back in the day.

Can we just talk about these iridescent items? OMG! The top left shell is actually a glasses case and this would be big enough to hold your designer sunglasses – turn jealous heads at the beach with this little number #Don’tBeJel. The other shell is a purse and we bet all other girls don’t have an iridescent shell-shaped purse, so there’s your point of difference right there.

Pennies are cute aren’t they? Cute things need to be put in cute receptacles – this money box should do the trick! Save and be cute about it.


Fill said pencil case with these nifty little erasers, pens, shell sharpener and lots more – shop the range here.

We also have some snazzy budget-friendly bundle sets available online, which means we’ve compiled a set of Purr Maids goodies for you at a reduced cost. Winner! Choose from a Purr Maids Luggage Set, Purr Maids Lunch Set or Purr Maids Stationery Set.

Purr Maids Bundles


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