Pick a bag, any bag? Nooooooooo! Pick a bag that compliments what’s inside. Back to School stationery doesn’t have to be basics thrown inside any old ruck sack. Why not make a bit of a fashion statement this term? After all, you’re not going to buy a jacket that doesn’t compliment your entire outfit are you?

We’ve picked three colourways to help send you back to school in style.

First up, this juicy pink and yellow candy coloured theme. Summer may be almost over come September, but with memories of your holiday still in mind and lollipops on the beach, we thought we’d create a something that encapsulates that Summer vibe, complete with lollipop phone case of course. If you’re a bit over kiddie prints, but still like to keep things bright, this look is for you.


  1. Stars Backpack (store only – similar here) 2. Kraft and Gold Diary  3. A4 Yellow Refill Pad 4. Study Planner (currently unavailable online) 5. Agenzio Slim Pencil Case 6. Dual Ended Colouring Pencils  7. Yellow Eraser 8. iPhone Case 9. Fountain Pen

Next up – primary colours. There’s nothing boring about red, yellow and blue – classic, yet still studious with a few novelty items for a pinch of fun, like that amazing banana pencil case. The cute Iwako puzzle erasers say ‘I’m nearly ready to grow up, but not yet’. If you get bored – and you should really be paying attention – but say you did… those pens are puzzle pens, can you get the little ball bearing to the end? Now, enough of that and back to your studies!


  1. Lever Arch File 2. Diary 3. Banana Pencil Case 4. Puzzle Pens 5. Backpack (similar here) 6. Blue Eraser 7. Iwako Animal Erasers 8. Lime Green Fountain Pen 9. Dual Ended Colouring Pencils 10. Red Stapler 

We appreciate not everyone wants bright colours and novelty stationery, like we know you’re practically an adult, so we’re going to treat you like one. This look is way sophis. Mint green, pastel peach, pale lemons, iridescent and elements of gold and copper make this look the Chanel of backpack fillers. So fill it up!


  1. Purr Maids Mini Shell Backpack 2. Kraft and Gold Diary 3. Stapler 4. Tiffany Blue Noto Notebook 5. Slim White Pencil Case 6. Iwako Animal Erasers 7. Pens 8. Metallic Clips 

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