At the time of writing this post, we counted 75 different backpack options on our website. That kids, is choice. Question is: how do you choose?

Well, with our handy guide to backpacks, you’re sure to get some inspiration…

Young at Heart 

Now, we’re well aware from all the sharing you guys do on social media that while it might be an opinion that some of our designs may be aimed at a younger audience, we prefer to say the ‘younger at heart!’ All of our designs are for anyone who wants to buy them, BUT, there are some really cute options for any child going back to school (as well as their pattern-loving Mum or Dad). #DiplomaticToTheMax


Is this backpack hungry or what? Get matchy with this Monkey Puzzle wallet and matching backpack. Neat.


Hello Kitty! We took our BFF keyring set and put one on each zipper! A super-cute way to jazz up an already jazzy backpack!


We’re going bananas over this Bananas backpack, with matching keyring. Oh and why not add even more bananas with our banana pins? We dare you.


As if this Flyaway backpack didn’t have enough rainbows on it, we’ve only added another one – this giant rainbow keyring is dreamy and if you like flying llamas, unicorns and donkeys, then we think we’ve found the look for you.

These are our four main looks for back to School and are great options if you want to buy into a certain look as you could probably buy everything you need all in the same print. However, if you don’t like the idea of everything being the same, then maybe go for one of our other patterns and then mix it all up? You’ll do what you want anyway – you always do! Lol. Check out the full range here.


Mum, I’m Not a Child, These Are All Too Kiddie for Me!

Well, is our little one above all these colourful patterns? Has a nose for the pricier option eh? Classy kid. Well, we’ve got some slighter budget-friendly options here that will suit your little fashionista from quilted demin, to iridescent shimmers and copper trims. Oooh, you trendy little devils, we love it.


Blow the Budget

Fjallraven Kanken

All the cool kids have these and they come in a huge array of different colours – a great option for their first year at Uni as these are a pricier option, but the quality is amazing and will last them for the duration of their course. We LOVE. Maybe make them buy their own supplies to fill them with though, eh? Bank of Mum and Dad only stretches so far.


Herschel Supply Co. 

We adore a Herschel backpack – they’re just so much fun! With mini sizes just for kids and patterns to suit any lil’ personality, these are just a no-brainer aren’t they?

How about that for some backpack ideas? We’re not entirely sure we’ve helped you here – there’s almost too much choice – #SorryNotSorry



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