Since Christmas is the season for giving and helping others, we’ve made it easier than ever to support charity with this year’s selection of charity Christmas cards! We’re supporting a wide range of charities so whatever cause is close to your heart, you can do some good while you send your Christmas wishes! This week we are shining our charity spotlight on Place2Be, Centrepoint, Honeypot, Autistica & Children with Cancer UK.



Hi! It’s so nice to get the chance to chat with you all and to hear about all the fantastic work you do! Tell us a little bit about your charities.

  • Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity which aims to provide early intervention mental health support to children. We work in primary and secondary schools across the UK, reaching a total of 142,000 children.
  • Autistica wants every autistic person and their families to live long, healthy and happy lives. We fund research into the most urgent areas for quality of life including mental health, early mortality and communication!
  • Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity aiming to end youth homelessness and to give homeless young people a future
  • Honeypot is a children’s charity whose vision is for every child to make the most of their one chance at childhood. They provide regular respite breaks for young carers and vulnerable children at one of two Honeypot Houses as well as ongoing outreach support, including visits from their Roadshow so every child receives their very own Christmas present.
  • At Children with Cancer UK our vision is a world where no child dies of cancer. With your support Children with Cancer continues to fund vital specialist research to help save the lives of children with cancer and keep families together.


Paperchase X Place2Be Charity Christmas Card
Paperchase X Place2Be Charity Christmas Card


Have you been partnered with Paperchase for long?

  • P2B: we’ve been with Paperchase for 4 years. In this time these donations have helped to provide one to one counselling for the most vulnerable children, self-referral drop-in sessions for any child to talk about anything they want, group counselling sessions and support for parents, and school staff.
  • A: since 2016! The donations have funded research into mental health problems which 80% of people with autism experience. Current treatments are often not appropriate for autistic people and they are left without an alternative so we are working hard to make sure autism-friendly therapies are provided to people who need them.
  • CP: since 2017 and this is our second Christmas card campaign! We are delighted to be a part of it and absolutely love seeing our card in stores! Donations mean we can offer vital services, including a safe home, accredited educational and employment support, and physical and mental health care, to young people in need.
  • HP: since 2006, so over 10 years! In that time, Paperchase has raised over £100,000 which has provided over 200 young carers, some as young as 5 years old, with much-needed respite.
  • CWC: since 2004 – 14 years! All Paperchase donations are split between our 3 fundraising areas – research, welfare and awareness but we’ll touch more on those later.


Paperchase X Autistica Charity Christmas Card
Paperchase X Autistica Charity Christmas Card


It’s great to hear the impact we’ve had so far! Tell us about what the money donated will be used for this year?

  • P2B: As in previous years, the money raised will ensure as many children as possible have vital access to early intervention mental health support in their school.
  • A: We believe Christmas should be a happy time but for many autistic people and their families this isn’t possible. Change in routines, lights, sounds and smells can cause anxiety and breakdowns, so we invest in research to help children and adults cope better with social anxiety, uncertainty and sensory overload. But our research isn’t just for Christmas, it aims to set people up for a longer, healthier, happier life.
  • CP: The funds generated from this year’s campaign will ensure 86% of the vulnerable individuals who come to Centrepoint will move on from us independently, escaping homelessness for good.
  • HP: The money donated will support our ongoing respite breaks! Our Honeypot Houses are running year-round so groups of children can come along and have a much needed break to take part in activities, befriend their peers, and just have the time and space to enjoy themselves away from their responsibilities at home.
  • CWC: Donations contributed directly to investments into research, into our Precision Medicine Initiative and to 12 new research projects, 2 new patient family houses as well as providing funding for grants to help families financially when they need it most. These donations have also helped fund assistive technology for over 1000 young people with cancer in hospices around the UK.
Paperchase X Centre Point Charity Christmas Card
Paperchase X Centrepoint Charity Christmas Card


If we needed more reason to stock up on charity cards, there it is!  So, what’s the best bit about working for your charity?

  • P2B: The best bit is knowing that each day you are working towards an incredible common goal and feel impassioned to work hard and make a difference for the sake of children’s mental health.
  • A: When we hear from autistic people and their families that our research gives them hope. So many autistic people feel left behind and forgotten by society, it’s a privilege to work with them, families and world class scientists to make a better future for every autistic person.
Paperchase X HoneyPot Charity Christmas Card
Paperchase X HoneyPot Charity Christmas Card

For you, what’s special about your card’s design?

  • CP: This card is very special to Centrepoint because the tube map is an iconic symbol of London, a city which plays a key role in our history! In 1969 Ken Leech noticed the number of young people sleeping rough was increasing and opened a night shelter in his church. Almost fifty years later, Centrepoint has expanded nationally! This iconic symbol of London is the perfect representation of the thousands of vibrant, creative young people who live in Centrepoint services across London.
  • HP: We love it! As a children’s charity, we want a design that we know will definitely resonate with kids and their families this Christmas and it’s hard to pick a more adorable design than cats in Santa hats!
Paperchase X Children with Cancer UK Charity Christmas Card

What will be on your Christmas list this year?

  • CP: Our Christmas list is very short – we want to give a future to the young people we support. Christmas can be the most challenging time for a homeless young person, a time of isolation, loneliness and despair but Centrepoint can ensure these young people have a network of people that truly care about them, and are able to provide the support they need to build a brighter future for themselves.
  • CWC: I think I speak for the rest of the team when I say that all we really want for Christmas, is to spend some quality time with our friends and family


Do you have any Christmas traditions at your charity?

  • A: We go for a team curry at Christmas to celebrate – we like to break the mould at Autistica! We play geeky games, don Santa hats and tell bad cracker jokes. Most of all, Christmas is a time to say thank you – we send (Paperchase) cards to our supporters and everyone who has helped us gets a heartfelt email too!
  • P2B: We love a good Christmas playlist to go with our mince pies!


Okay, last one – if you could design any Christmas Dec, what would it be?

  • CWC: I’d like to design a Christmas play mobile for children, which would play Christmas songs! It would be something magical that the family can gather round and enjoy together.
  • HP: Our mascot is a cheerful bee known as Bumble. We’d love to design a bunch of soft toy Bumbles to hang off Christmas trees.


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