If you like David Shrigley and sending cards, then we suggest read on as we’ve got both. PLUS, a Q&A with the man himself. Whoop whoop!


What is your inspiration for your art?

After three cups of coffee everything is an inspiration

Do you have a favourite design?

The one with the poodle that says I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS.

Not that I want to look like that. I’m happy looking as I do.


Tell us a bit about your history.

In 1968 I was born in Macclesfield

In 1978 I went to Wembley to watch England Vs Czechoslovakia

In 1988 I went to study at Glasgow School of Art

In 1995 I was an extra in the movie Trainspotting

In 2003 I directed a pop video for Blur

In 2015 I moved to Brighton
What does your typical day look like?

Take the dog for a walk



Answer emails

Make art

Have lunch

Make more art

Have a nap

Make more art

Have dinner

Make more art

Take the dog for a walk

Go to bed

What advice would you give to inspiring illustrators and designers?

Work hard a be nice to people.

Avoid drugs and dangerous pastimes
Pens or pencils?

PENS! Pencils are for people with no self-confidence

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?


Tell us a joke…

A man walks into a pub.


It was an iron pub.


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