We visited the lovely Megan Taylor, a blogger, model, actor & freelance writer at her home office space to give her a little ‘Paperchase Desk Refresh.’

Now, one thing you do need to know is that this is one very busy lady – when she’s not blogging, she’s travelling around on various acting and modelling jobs and even writes freelance for The Huffington Post & The London Mother AND she does lecturing at the London College of Style. Question is – how on earth does she stay organised with all that going on?

We asked her a few questions to find out…


  1. What’s your favourite item on your new desk and why?

My gold letter stand has been surprisingly life changing. I have it displaying my gorgeous gold and pink note books which have two very exciting projects being mapped out in them. So, this little gem is holding my projects pride of place right now.


  1. Tell us about your typical work day…

My working life changes with every day. Some days I will be in town at meetings and auditions, other days I will be on set and some days I will be working from home using my desk as a flat lay location as well as a spot to write at. Even if I am out and about all day I will always end my day at my desk responding to emails. I work best from my desk at home where I have everything I need around me.


  1. Do you have any top tips for staying organised?

Files and notebooks keep me organised. I have a file for everything including invoices, tax, accounts and bills. I also have a different notebook for every project I am working on. I am a self-confessed stationery obsessive.


  1. Describe your (refreshed) desk in three words.

Inspiring, Organised, Pinterest-worthy.


  1. If you could have a desk mate, who’d you pick and why?

Ooo that’s a tough one. On one hand I would love to have my husband there beside me to bounce around ideas and bring me tea and cake but on the other hand my dad is a techy genius so he would be amazing to have there to answer all of my questions. My absolute favourite companion is my gorgeous dog Coco who I love having beside me, although she is quite the distraction as I spend most of my time taking photos of her.


If you like what you see on Megan’s desk, we used a mix of our Refresh & Reboot Collection and our Indigo Nights gold stationery.

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