Welcome to Daddy Cool’s Top 10 Father’s Day gifts! Read on for some gifting inspiration…

 1. Farters Day Father’s Day Card £2.50 Now, if he’s always farting, then you couldn’t have picked a better card really. Beans Means Farts! 2. Daddy Bear Porcelain Mug £10 This mug is massive. It’s almost as a big a bear. Aw, we love the illustration on this mug, so if your Dad is a bit of a bear and likes a very large cup of tea, you’ve just found yourself the perfect Father’s Day gift. 3. Chapter Wash Bag from Herschel Supply Co. £40 For the Urban Dad about town, we’ve picked this Hershel Supply Co. wash bag in a classic grey. It almost reminds us of jogging bottoms, fashioned into a trendy case for his metrosexual supplies and like, sportswear is like, well ‘in.’ 4. Corkcicle Copper Medium Canteen £25 Copper is so trendy right now, but listen… the colour isn’t even the best bit – this baby can keep your drink cold for 25 hours. That’s a whole day and a lil’ hour on top! Hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours. We’re amazed. This is the best canteen we’ve ever seen. Or ever will see.


5. My Best Recipes Book £28 If you’re Dad thinks he’s Gordon Ramsey (tell him to send a pic to Gordon on Twitter and see how that goes…) then this could be his little black book of best recipes! The perfect present for the culinary showman. 6. Personalised Titanium Noto Notebook £22 Make it personal this Father’s Day with a personalised notebook. In titanium. Or you can choose from lots of other nice colours. In fact, you choose everything and that’s what makes it personal. Aw.


7. Kikkerland Ora French Press £60 Slowly pour hot water over ground beans and luxuriate in the aroma of fresh coffee as it steeps in your Kikkerland Ora French press. Features include double walled glass body to keep in heat, cork stopper for an aromatic experience every time and a convenient spout to pour a perfect cup. 8. Gentleman’s Barbeque Multi Tool £36 Natural Born Grillers will love this multi barbeque tool. Who can be bothered with all those seperate tools, when you can just have one and switch over? It also features a cork screw so he can enjoy a glass of vino while he spins sausages. Happy Days. 9. Granddad You Are My Hero £2.50 It’s not just Dads who get Father’s Day cards these days. No, the clever card people have added Granddads, so now you potentially have to buy two, but when they’re as nice as this one, we don’t mind. 10. Fjallraven Re-Kanken Midnight Blue Backpack £75 Now, if you can pronounce the name of this bag, then we salute you, but difficult-to-prounounce names aside, this bag is the bees knees. This is the must-have bag of the moment and if you tell your Dad that, he’s going to tell all his mates at work and that’s what we call a good Father’s Day present.


















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