We don’t know about you, but we’ve tried every productivity app going and our hand always reaches out for a pen to write a list on paper.

Every time.

So, let’s celebrate paper based organisational tools with our new range aptly titled ‘Get Organised.’ Paper & pen – sorry technology, you’re just not doing it for us.

Let’s start with the larger desk pieces to get you started. When you lay your desk out space is key – fill up with the larger items first. Keep everything in easy reach and make sure you have enough space to work comfortably. Our desk storage unit is good for filing paper, but if you find out of sight, out of mind affects you, go for a wire tray for full visibility. A wire magazine file is a better option if you haven’t got much room as it takes up less space, or screw it to a wall so you can drop things in easily and save precious space. Also try turning them on their side and stacking them up for nifty shelves.


‘I am only pretending to be organised.’ Lol, yes sometimes appearances can be deceptive – we do often have good intentions only for the best laid plans to fall to ruins. So, lists are good, but sometimes a long list in a notebook can feel quite overwhelming. Instead, we find a better way is to compartmentalise – budgets, home improvements, work, social – keep them separate and concentrate on one project at a time. Our month planner is great for an overview of top line events going on for the month – once glance and you can see what’s happening when. Our weekly planners used along side work to ensure you can have more detail on your week. A daily planner takes you further in.

Electronic reminders are super handy, but once you’ve killed them off, it’s easy to get distracted by a text and forget it ever happened. Don’t be a busy fool – keep a journal to hand.

See our full range here.


Don’t like to play by the rules? Nor do we and that’s why we really love our 365 Journal – one page a day for the year, but unlike a diary, you can create your own spacing and layouts.


Our list books contain all sorts of useful things like stacks of sticky notes and hand pockets, perfect for on the move.


It’s the little things that count. It really is, pens, clips, sticky notes, pen pots, one our desk’s most essential of tools.


Filling a desk is not cheap, especially if you are starting from scratch or want to completely revamp your space, so check out our bundle offers – these should save you a few bob.


If one look is not for you, check out our full stationery offer and mix and match to your heart’s content!



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