Our new Gothic Garden range is a true dark delight. We have combined bold Victorian inspired blooms and metallic insects with a throughly modern gold and white geometric design to create this timeless range of curious money boxes and trinket trays, practical stationery and statement homewares.

The Victorians were obsessed with insects, embracing creepy crawlies for their unusual beauty and mystery and frankly, we can see why – just look at the beauty of that butterfly money box and trinket dish? If creepy crawlies happen to make your skin crawl, then fear not insect-haters, simply opt out and go for our sister print in the range. The simple elegance of the gold triangles on white will fit with any home or theme. We adore the mug, but that ‘To Do Notes’ book is just the most adorable way of organising our lives we could ever think of. True to our word, the notes inside do not feature a single bug, just pretty pastels and a big, bold bloom.


Left to Right (Top) Large Multi List Book £12, Fine Porcelain Mug £8, Butterfly Trinket Dish £12Glasses Case £8.50, To Do Notes Book £7, Optic Pen £7, Slim Gold Pen £8

Left to Right (Bottom) Magnetic Sticky Notepad £8, To Do Notes Book £7, Clipboard, Pad & Pen £6

We love bees, so when we saw one had landed on our sofa we just smiled, because it’s not a real bee at all, but simply another money box – oh bee-have! Perfect for gold coins.

Now, let’s talk storage. How do your files look? If you feel a bit flat looking at your office shelves, then gurrrrrl it’s time for an intervention. Jazz up that drab filing area with some of our Gothic Garden magazine files, ring binders, lever arches or stationery boxes. Boring filing… begone! Now, who exactly left all of this stationery on our sofa…


Seriously. That backpack. It’s E V E R Y T H I N G.


‘Every Day is a Fresh Start.’ It certainly is with this golden notebook and what a great motto to live by? All of this stationery ensures every day is a fresh start, so why not turn the page and begin again?


Clockwise from top left: 1. Small Gold Notebook £7, 2. Scrapbook £12, 3. Geo Magnetic Notebook £8, 4. Organiser £20, 5. Notebook with Paperclip £12, 6. Writing Set £12

‘Urgent,’ ‘To Do,’ ‘Wish List’ whatever the job, we’ve got a sticky note for it with our wonderful magnetic sticky notepad! Stick it on a fridge, or any metal surface and never lose sight of the task at hand again. While we do advocate a neon post-it note, sometimes, a quiet reminder is in order not a great big shouty in-your-face note. OKAY!!??!

We also have these cute little wooden stamps you can stamp stuff with – sometimes just for no reason other than it’s fun, but they’re a super cute way of decorating envelopes or adding a nice flourish to a letter. Notebook-wise, our faves are the linen covered and of course that adorbs white and gold leather journal, which by the way comes with a giant gold paperclip so you can find your last page in a jiffy. Finally, wing it with our set of two dragonfly clips, which sure make a nice change from silver paperclips, again a nice way of holding your page in your favourite journal.


Clockwise from Top Left: Writing Set £12, Magnetic Sticky Notepad £8Butterfly Trinket Dish £12, Linen Notebook £12, Gift Tags £1.50Optic Pen £7Clipboard, Pad & Pen £6, Dragonfly Paperclips £3

Shop the full range here and make the most of our bundle offers – we’re rounded up some snazzy sets at a reduced cost and there’s nothing cheap about these value bundles.



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