Everybody say LOVE!

To celebrate Pride, we’ve teamed up with In Your Dreams, in lots of locations across the country, to come to our stores armed with all their face painting tools to create you the perfect look for Pride. For free!

But listen, we know you can’t all get to a store, so we’re bringing the Pride love parade to you. The wonderfully talented Ellis-Paige has kindly created a tutorial you can follow at home and get yourself rainbow ready for Pride Day action!

(Oh… and you must totally check out her Instagram for all your makeup goals: Ellis-Paige Richardson @ellispaige_)

So let’s get you ready for Pride:

1: Have your base makeup completed before starting on any embellishments, go for a simple everyday look or continue the pride theme with a rainbow eye!


2: To start the headpiece, place 3 square shaped sequins down the middle of the forehead using latex adhesive ensuring the bottom one sits between the brows.


3: Next up, gems! For this look I’ve used the In Your Dreams Paradise Pearl jewelled headpiece.
Before applying, cut the winged parts off and save them for later on in the look, just leaving the centre part to use first.

Place the centre part of the Paradise Pearl jewelled headpiece on top of the sequins to begin layering the embellishments- this adds a fabulous touch and is super easy to recreate!


4: Time for the fun part…Colour! Using a selection of rainbow coloured face paint, apply simple brushstrokes on each side of the jewelled headpiece making sure everything is symmetrical and even.


5: Using the winged parts of the headpiece that were cut off, apply each piece on either side of the headpiece again making sure everything is even.


6: Seeing as you can never have enough sparkle, add teardrop shape gems above the brows, this will then start to build the shape of the headpiece.

Then, using the same paint colours as before, apply small brushstrokes to create a teardrop shape and alternate the rainbow colours all the way across the brows.


7: With the leftover cut offs from the jewelled headpiece, apply these to fit in with the paint work applied previously.


8: To tie in with the rainbow eye makeup, apply the same teardrop shapes across the brows but this time in white…or whatever colour you like!


9: Keeping with the theme, then apply the teardrop shapes to the top of the headpiece creating a tiara-like shape.


10: Shape and symmetry are key when creating look like this, so now add one or two gems down the nose to bring the shape of the headpiece to a nice blended finish.


11: Using a small paintbrush and white paint, add some alternating dots around the edges of the headpiece…odd numbers work best for this as it makes them look faded out.


12: To jazz your look up even more, add glitter under the eyes for a true pride inspired look…and your look is complete!


1: For this look, use the In Your Dreams Golden Valley all-in-one chest piece, placing it in the centre of the chest. To tie in with the headpiece done previously, add the same colour rainbow paints in single brushstrokes.

2: Alternate the rainbow paint colours until you’ve covered the top part of the chest piece.

3: With a small paintbrush and white paint, add various sized dots to areas of the chest piece, this will tie the head and chest piece together by following the same theme throughout.

4: The perfect finishing touch for any makeup look is the In Your Dreams Sunkissed Glow glitter puffer!

Point the puffer downwards towards the skin and apply the fine glitter mist all over.

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