We can finally reveal our secret… Paperchase x Hello Kitty have just launched a brand new collection together and it’s the cutest, most magical range EVERRRRR. We can’t wait to show you, but before we do, let’s learn a few fun facts about our new BFF…

Name: Kitty White

From: Suburban London

Height: The same as five apples

Weight: The same as three apples

Favourite Word: Friendship

Collects: Small & cute trinkets (a girl after our own heart) candy & stars

Future dream: To be a pianist

Now you know a bit more about our new friend, let’s have a look at the range…


Wow, this is just everything isn’t it? The collection is a mix of so many of our favourite things – for one Hello Kitty, secondly (and thirdly and fourthly…) pineapples, cherries, cacti, cute dogs, diamonds, watermelons and an egg! LOVE the egg.

Within the collection, you’ll see lots of the icons print, plus many printed denim items. We had quite a laugh teasing you all on Facebook, with lots of you thinking we were launching iron-on patches or jeans! The collection is huge, so we’re going to show you some of our faves.

Giant pencil cases with adorable apple zippers, customisable denim notebooks, fluffy pens, and our absolute fave, that desk pad. It’s a giant Hello Kitty face and inside you have a choice of three lists: ‘Things I Will Accomplish Today’, ‘Urgent’ and if you are the sort of person to put things off (like us) ‘Tomorrow.’


You know we said we were Hello Kitty’s new BFFs? These are all about sharing with yours…

These were made for BFFs and each come in a set of two, so you and your special friend can have half each. Firstly, a set of two friendship notebooks that as a pair join together to make a heart, meaning you each share a piece of a heart – awww. We also have friendship badges – perfect for jazzing up a denim jacket and keyrings – now, we know you’re meant to share, but frankly, these make fantastic zip accessories on this backpack and it happens to have two. Matchy matchy? Oh yes please.

We have bundle offers available on these, so check them out…


Stationery Goals

These are ours.

Can we just talk about those teeny tiny erasers? In a cute jar? Like Hello Kitty collecting cute trinkets, we think you’ll be collecting these instead of using them. We love a padfolio and what’s great about this one is that once the paper has run out, you can pop another pad on, plus it has a pocket to put things in and we like a pocket to put things in. We could talk about how much stationery is in this collection all day, but we think you just need to have a look. Trust us, this is epic.


Who doesn’t want a lunch bag that looks like a Hello Kitty handbag? Well, now you can have one and look, there’s more of that stationery we were telling you about…


Hello Kitty Came to Visit Us…

About a month or so ago Hello Kitty came to see us for our press day. We were absolutely star struck when we met her and the press had such a good day having cuddles and dances with her. That’s one thing you might not know, she knows how to bust some moves.


That’s all for now! Shop the full collection here.


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