Branch out this Christmas by making your own illustrated tree cards & tags. First thing’s first though – our lovely friend Emily Dawe is here to show you how to draw some simple tree illustrations to decorate your card & tags with.

We’ve provided you with a template if you’d like to replicate the look of the card in our video or you can simply use it as inspiration for your very own tree masterpiece. Download our templates here.

Let’s grab some tools!


● Watercolour paper (or cartridge paper would also work)



● Craft knife

Watercolour paints

Fine, small and medium paintbrushes

Plate for mixing

● Glass and some water

● Kitchen towel

● Scrap paper

Black fine line pen

Gold pen

PVA glue

Gold glitter

Hole punch

Thin ribbons

For the Christmas Tree Card

Step One

We used watercolour paper for our card, but you can use any other card you like. On the watercolour paper, measure and mark with a pencil 21 x 14.5cm and cut out with a craft knife.

Step Two

Measure and mark 10.5cm along the top and bottom edge of the card. Use a ruler and a blunt knife to score along, fold the card in half.

Step Three


Position the templates on the card front and very lightly draw round them with a pencil (or you

can draw them freehand!)

Step Four


Squeeze out a little red paint onto the plate, add some water. Test on some scrap paper first, then fill in the large red tree. Adding more water as you get to the bottom.

Step Five


Add some white to the red to make a pink, use to paint the small triangle tree. Use a fine paintbrush to add the red detail along the bottom.

Step Six


Squeeze out some navy blue, add a little water (not too much) with a medium paintbrush – test on scrap paper first – then use the side of the brush to create dashes all over the tree. Twist the brush round to make the marks quite varied.

Step Seven


Add some water to the navy, and fill in the circle tree at the top.

Step Eight


Squeeze out a little green paint, add some water, then use the fine paintbrush to fill in the

triangle tree. Add a little blue to the mix to create another tone of green.

Step Nine

When the paint has completely dried, use a gold pen on the circle tree and trunk of the dash tree.


Step 10


Use a black fine line pen and a ruler to add details and trunks to the red and pink trees, and a straight line on the green triangle tree.

Step Eleven


Apply a little PVA glue to the star on top of the dash tree, pour over some glitter, tip the excess back into the packet.

TIP: if you don’t like the colour you’ve painted with, or you make a mistake, blot straight away with kitchen towel.

For the Christmas Tag


Step One

On the watercolour paper, measure and mark with a pencil a 7cm square and cut out with a craft knife.

Step Two

Use a holepunch to make a hole in one corner.

Step Three

Lightly draw round the tree template with a pencil

Step Four

Squeeze out a little green, some navy blue (or use the remainder from the card) and some yellow paint onto a mixing plate.

Step Five

Using a fine paintbrush, mix the green with some water and apply some to the top of the tree,

rinsing off some of the paint and applying some water to the design.

Step Six

While the paint is still wet, pick up some of the yellow and mix this into the green paint on the

tree, adding water as you go.

Step Seven

Rinse off the yellow from the paintbrush, add a little of the navy to the green (less is more!)

and finish off the bottom of the tree.

Step Eight

Use a black fine line pen to draw the trunk and star.

Step Nine

Finally, cut a 20cm piece of thin ribbon and thread through the hole.

TIP: if you don’t like the colour you’ve painted with, or you make a mistake, blot straight away with kitchen towel.


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