2019 is the year of kindness. Our Conscious Living, eco-stationery collection uses innovative processes and recycled materials to avoid unnecessary waste and single-use plastic. Our plan is to be kinder – to the planet and each other. Kind people are our kinda people! Our journal helps us organise all kinds of things, so why not make plan it for the planet. These spreads focus on things we can all do easily to be more eco-friendly.



We are dabbling in nudity and selling all of our conscious living collection totally naked so that unnecessary plastic waste is avoided. If you want to reduce your waste but don’t feel ready to go naked, we’ve got a tick list of things you can remember to take in your handbag with you.

  • Reusable coffee cup
  • Water bottle
  • Cloth Tissue
  • Lunch Box
  • Fabric Shopping Bag
  • Metal Straw & Fork


There are things you can do outside your own home to ensure that you’re really being truly sustainable. You can take your habits to work with you! These practices are small things that you can do each day to make an impact.

  •  Turn off your laptop at night
  • Unsubscribe to paper mailings
  • Go paperless
  • Walk or cycle home
  • Engage with earth day


Fast fashion produces a huge amount of waste that isn’t recycled, or biodegradable and heads straight to landfill. There are so many eco friendly brands and vintage shops full of clothes that we can reuse, recycle and in turn, reduce our consumption. A few other things you can do are…


  • Repair faulty items
  • Support ethical brands
  • Visibly mend your clothes
  • Donate to charity
  • Swap with friends
  • Buy for quality that will last, not quantity


Farming and foods have a huge impact on the environment but if we are responsible in the way we consume and buy our dinner, we can make a big difference! Try

  • Preparing Whole Foods
  • Properly recycling your packaging
  • Meat-free Mondays
  • Don’t waste your leftovers
  • Grow your own herbs & veg
  • Start a compost bin


We hope you are inspired to create your own plan for the planet. We love hearing ideas of ways we can be more sustainable, so get in touch with us on Instagram @frompaperchase

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