We’re ending on a high with our final Christmas craft instalment. What’s more festive than a Unicorn Christmas Card? Answer: nothing. So get on board our magical Christmas train and let’s join our crafty mate Emily Dawe to learn how to combine the art of quilling with Unicorn & Christmas awesomeness.

First thing is first – you need supplies – check out our full art & crafts offering here.

Materials List:

White card

Pastel Spectrascope paper

● Craft knife (or paper trimmer)


● Cocktail stick

● PVA glue

● Gold glitter

Black fine line pen


Step One

Draw round the unicorn template (just the horn, face and neck) onto the card front, lightly with pencil


Step Two

Cut the papers into 1cm strips – we cut 3 x lilac, 4 x blue, 4 x mint and 4 x peach


Step Three

Take a purple strip, follow the edge of the unicorn from the base neck all the way round to the horn and cut the strip.


Step Four

Apply a little glue to the edge of the purple strip of paper and carefully position it over the pencil line. Hold it in place for about 20 seconds, leave to dry.


Step Five

Cut a short strip of the purple for the muzzle. And glue in place.


Step Six

Taking a paper strip, start wrapping it around a cocktail stick tightly. Pull the cocktail stick out and continue wrapping it to the end, place to one side.


Step Seven

Make up 14 coils in this way using a variety of coloured strips of paper.


Step Eight

Stretch out the coils and cut them to different lengths for the mane – test them on the unicorn as you go.


Step Nine

Once you have built up the mane, stick all the coils in place.

Step Ten

Cut a 6cm strip of paper, fold in half, then apply glue to either side and dip into gold glitter.


Step Eleven

Glue the edge of the glittered strip and position onto the horn. Apply some glue directly to the unicorn’s horn on the card, pour on some gold glitter and tip off the excess back into the packet.


Step Thirteen

Finally use a black fine line pen to draw on an eye and nostril.


TIP: Don’t put your card into an envelope, as the paper will squish! Either use a small gift box or pop into into a gift bag instead.

Share your crafts with us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FromPaperchase and you never know, you might win a lil’ prize if we like what we see. Wink wink.


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