We’ve teamed up with the lovely Emily Dawe to bring you four festive craft tutorials, with the first being this amazing pink & gold glitter encrusted, ombre wreath! Well, you didn’t think we’d go traditional, did you?

The finished look is super-slick and will have your friends and family thinking you’ve slaved for hours making this, but the reality is, with the right amount of preparation, this can be done and dusted (with glitter) in no time.

You also have the chance of winning some Paperchase vouchers & a free Project Craft workshop for you & a friend – more details at the end of this post.

So, first thing’s first – let’s have a look at which materials you’ll need before starting. We’ve tried to include lots of items you can find at home, which was nice of us 😉


● Thin card in different shades of pink, fluorescent and gold

● Gold glitter and a small bowl

Glue stick



● Scorer (or a blunt knife)

● Ruler

● Foam board

● Dinner plate and side plate

● Craft knife

● Cutting mat

Hot glue gun

Step One

Place a dinner plate onto the foam board and draw round it with a pencil. Center the side plate in the middle of the drawn circle and draw another circle within the first.


Step Two

Protect your work surface with a cutting mat. Carefully cut round the large circle with a craft knife, then the smaller circle. This will be the base of your wreath.


Step Three 

Use the leaf template to draw round and cut out a selection of leaves – you need approximately 60 leaves.


Step Four

Score down the centre of each leaf, using either a scorer or a blunt knife and a ruler. Bend the leaves slightly, to give them a 3D feel.


Step Five

Pour some glitter into a bowl. Apply a little glue to the tips of the leaves then dip them into the glitter and place on one side to dry.


Step Six

Starting with the fuchsia pink leaves, apply a little hot glue to the back of a leaf and position on the foam wreath – you only need to glue one end of the leaf.


Step Seven

Glue about 5-6 leaves of each colour, graduating the tones as you go. Work anti-clockwise around the foam wreath until it’s complete. Leave to dry before hanging above the mantelpiece or you could even use as a centrepiece on the Christmas table.

TIP: arrange the leaves around the wreath first, before gluing so you can judge how many leaves you need and practice the placement/spacing – the last thing you want is to end up with a big gap at the end!


So, how did you do? We’d love to see your finished wreaths – if you want to share them with us, then simply post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #ProjectCraft & #FromPaperchase and not only will you get a chance to feature in our online galleries on our website, but you will also have a chance of winning some vouchers & a free Project Craft workshop for you and a friend*. We’d also welcome seeing how you put your own spin on your craft make, using your own colour theme and embellishments.

*Craft workshops are only available in London, Manchester & Glasgow

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