Why not try your hand at making our fabulously festive pop-up Christmas card using the ancient art of Kirigami?

First of all though… what is Kirigami? Kirigami is a variation of origami, but rather than just folding, cuts are added to the mix. Fun right?

This card looks super complicated and the lucky recipient is going to be SO impressed you made it, but it’s honestly not as difficult as it might first appear, but you do have to have a little bit of patience. So… are you ready? Let’s do this.

Step 1

Collect your equipment and materials. In this case, you simply need a cutting mat, a scalpel, a ruler, a glue stick and card. However, if you do want to add some sparkle and jazz, then try some glitter, washi tape or embellishments?


Step 2

Choose your colour palette – we chose mint green, a metallic turquoise and gold. Yum.


Step 3

Either draw or use the printed template – you can download it here: christmas_popup_template. We’d recommend using the template before going it alone. It’s probably easier to print direct onto the card if you can, however tracing on to tracing paper, then rubbing the outline onto the card will also work if you can’t. Bear in mind the image needs to be reversed as the cutting takes place on the back, so the front remains neat.


Step 4

Cut out the design – the template will let you know where to make the cuts and where to leave it uncut. So cut carefully, using the correct lines and folding the others. Don’t rush this stage, take your time.


Step 5

Turn the artwork over and check the design is complete and nothing has been missed.


Step 6

For the front of the card, we want to decorate with a simple snowflake – the kind you used to make at school. A nice graphic statement, kept simple – remember, the party is inside…


Step 7

Now, position your cut design inside the card and trim the edges off so it fits perfectly inside. Once this is measured up and cut to size, tear along the bottom of the design – don’t worry! We’ve not gone mad, we want to create the illusion of a snowy hill here.


Step 8

We want a gold star to be shining bright, so cut out a gold square slightly larger than the star cut out shape, pop some glue on and stick behind.



Step 9

Now, on the reverse of the cut design, carefully cover with glue, but don’t go made, you don’t want glue coming through to the other side or when you close the card, you might not be able to open it again. Next, careful position inside the card and press down firmly to ensure a good stick.


Step 10

Now, close the card and give it another press. It’s the moment of truth! Open your card…


If all has gone to plan, you should have yourself a very beautiful kirigami pop-up card!


Step 11

Finally, glue on your snowflake to the front of the card and you my friend are finished! Pretty cool huh?



We’d like to thank Sarah King, our wonderful Project Craft craft expert from our Tottenham Court Road store for showing us how to make this and if you want to meet Sarah and her fellow crafters, then head over to our Project Craft page to find out what workshops are on offer in our stores. We currently have workshops in London, Manchester and Glasgow and a few sneaky pop-ups around the country.

Check out the video below so you can see how Sarah made this and also visit our YouTube page for more handy video tutorials!


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