Ah, it’s almost Mother’s Day and there are two things that all Mum’s like: flowers & chocolates. Therefore, when our marketing exec mentioned she wanted to create a craft tutorial on how to make a flower bouquet, our interest was piqued. When she said it would have chocolates on it, we were curious. When we found out that Laura from Things by Laura would be creating it… well! We’re like, ‘show us right now!’


We’ll let Laura take you through how she did it, so you can make your own. Don’t know about you lot, but if we make this bouquet (which we will) and when we give it our Mums (which obviously we will) then she must never know about the chocolate part. We can’t resist a Lindor by Lindt, which by the way is what you’ll find in the centre of each flower. YUM. Thanks to them for those – we can’t quite get enough of them. Top tip: Strawberry & Cream flavour is like, well nice.


This tutorial will take you through the steps to create paper flowers with everyone’s favourite Lindor chocolates! The flowers look just as pretty once the chocolates have been eaten making this a cracking gift, especially for Mum’s this Mother’s Day.

STEP 1 & 2

1. Cut a rectangle of paper approximately 3 by 10 cm and fold it in half  2. Cut a petal shapes making sure that you start from the folded edge. Experiment with different shapes to add texture to your bouquet. You’ll need to repeat this step at least three times for each flower

STEP 3 & 4

3. Using the edge of some scissors or a rounded pencil, curl the unfolded petals as shown. You can also pinch or fold the petals to give a different shape and effect 4. With a needle or pin make a small hole in the middle of one of the petal pieces, this is for the stem

STEP 5 & 6

5. Bend the end of a length of floristry wire at right angles and thread in through the hole you have just made 6. Glue the next petal piece on top of the wire, sandwiching it between the layers


STEP 7 & 8

7. Then glue on the rest of the petals

STEP 9 & 10

8. Take a narrow strip of paper and concertina it. It’s best to use thicker paper or card for this, as this is what holds the chocolate!

STEP 11 & 12

9. Round off the top two corners of the concertina, making sure you keep some of the folded edge so that you have a connected strip of inner petals

STEP 13 & 14

10. Unfold the concertina and curl the petals in the same way as you did in step 3 11. Use a chocolate to gauge the diameter you need to glue this section. It needs to be snug but too tight or you won’t be able to get the chocolate in!

STEP 15 & 16

12. Fringe a strip of paper, as shown 13. Curl over the fringed paper

STEP 17 & 18

14. Glue the fringed paper around the edge of the section that will hold the chocolate 15. Glue the flower middle into the centre of the petals, pull back the inner petals and push in a chocolate! The curled inner petals hold the chocolate but if you are worried, add a glue dot onto the wrapper


16. Make as many flowers as you like, vary the petal sizes and shapes to give the bouquet texture, I have wrapped them in a cone of kraft paper and added a coordinating tag.  Watch the video below to see how I made the leaves that I have added to my arrangements


17 – A mini posy of three flowers, tied with ribbon looks great in a recycled bottle, decorated with washi tape

Materials List:


Paper & Card


Floristry wire

Washi tape

Kraft paper

Rounded pencil

Pin or needle

Visit Laura’s website to find out more about her services!

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