Ah, the poinsettia! A popular choice of plant often grown indoors for Christmas, but why is the poinsettia such a traditional Christmas plant to have in the home?

Well, according to Mexican legend a young girl called Pepita, who couldn’t afford a gift for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, was advised by an angel to gather up some weeds from the roadside and present them at the altar. The star shaped leaves are thought to resemble the star of Bethlehem. So kids, you really couldn’t get more Christmassy than a Poinsettia wreath and we’re going to teach you how to make one.

Step 1

Collect up your materials – you will need: Paper, strong card, washi tape, glue, split pins, a cutting knife, a circle cutter and a cutting mat. Choose your coloured paper – we went for a gloss red and a lovely coral red, plus gold for those festive vibes.

Step 2

Cut out a card ring from your card (we used foam board as it’s super sturdy, but you can use card and wrap washi tape round it for extra strength as well). Basically cut two circles to create a ring, which will act as the base to attach the flowers and leaves to. Once you’ve cut the two circles with the circle cutter, go over the cuts with a cutting knife to ensure a neat cut. Then simply ‘pop’ it out!


Step 3

Cut a length of ribbon and bring one end to meet the other and fold around the ring, pulling the two ends through the loop and pulling tight. This will be your hanging loop!


Step 4

Cut out a square from your chosen paper.


Step 5

Now to create the flower. We’re making a five point flower here. Follow the folds, then cut! When you unfold, your flower will have real depth due to the folding technique – don’t worry – watch the video to see this in action.


Step 6

Now for the leaves – take a strip of paper and fold as below, then cut out your leaf shape and fold further to create the veins on the leaves for a bit of realism. Cut enough leaves to fit inside each set of petals, so you’ll need five of these.


Step 7

Now lay out your flower and the leaves and glue the leaves to the flower as shown below.


Step 8

Now, we’re going to pin our flowers to make them look like real poinsettias! Push the split pins through and fold down the two pins on the other side.


Step 9

Now you’ve made one flower, it’s time for the hard work! You need to make 18! We did 9 red and 9 gold. Once you’ve made up all of your flowers and had several cups of tea, begin to stick them to your ring and that is it! Your wreath is ready to hang! Yay.


Watch the video below to see our crafter Sarah make the wreath from scratch and don’t forget to share your makes with us on our social feeds – Instagram and Twitter! We always love to see what you’ve come up with.

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