The lovely Emily Dawe is back again to show you her egg-ceptional Easter project! This will have you and the kids egg-stremely egg-cited to get crafty and create your very own Easter egg hunt – so what are you waiting for, hop to it!

You will need:

Step 1

Download the EASTER TEMPLATES, print out and trace off to create templates of each from thin card. Draw round the bunny template onto a selection of pastel coloured card and cut out – we made four pointing bunnies.

1a Easter Egg Hunt

1b Easter Egg Hunt

Step 2

Draw round the egg template onto the back of the patterned papers. We cut out six eggs from different designs.

2a Easter Egg Hunt

2b Easter Egg Hunt

Step 3

Take the arrow sign template, placing it up against the edge of the card, draw round then cut out four different coloured signs (we cut two signs from purple as we particularly like this colour!)

3a Easter Egg Hunt

3b Easter Egg Hunt

Step 4

To make the bunny’s clothes, trace off the jumper from the template and use this to draw onto the back of some patterned paper.

4a Easter Egg Hunt

We cut out three separate pieces (body and two sleeves) to give it a more 3D look, but you can just cut one piece if you prefer!

4b Easter Egg Hunt

Stick the sleeves down first, then the body piece.

4c Easter Egg Hunt

Step 5 

We decided that one of our bunnies could have a sleeveless top, so we didn’t include the sleeves. Draw two triangles, point to point, on the back of some coloured card and carefully cut out to create a bowtie or hair bow. Glue in place, then add a tiny stick on gem to the centre to complete it. You can have some real fun designing the bunny’s outfits!

5a, Easter Egg Hunt

5b Easter Egg Hunt

Step 6

Draw then colour in the inside of the ears with a pink colouring pencil. Use a fine black pen to draw on the bunny’s face – you can have a practice on a piece of paper first or draw with pencil and go over the top.

6a Easter Egg Hunt

You can make their faces unique by adding whiskers,  different size eyes and rosy cheeks with a coloured pencil.

6b Easter Egg Hunt

6c Easter Egg Hunt

Step 7

Place a wooden skewer on the back of the bunny and secure in place with a piece of sticky tape.

7a Easter Egg Hunt

We added a piece of washy tape over the stick to make it look a bit prettier! Attach a skewer to all the bunnies.

7b Easter Egg Hunt

Step 8

Add alphabet stickers to the arrow signs to spell out short messages like ‘This Way’ ‘Hop to it’ ‘Look Eggs’ and don’t forget to create a ‘Start’ sign too!

8a Easter Egg Hunt

Add Easter stickers to the signs and attach a skewer to the back, as before.

8b Easter Egg Hunt

Step 9

Add some different messages to the egg shapes like ‘Over Here’, ‘Eggs’ and ‘Look’. They have to be quite short to fit in all the letters! And attach a skewer to the back of each egg.

9a Easter Egg Hunt

9b Easter Egg Hunt

And there you have it, your very own Easter Egg Hunt! Now the fun starts, you can go out into the garden and start sticking the bunny, egg and arrow skewers into the ground, in plant pots and around trees. The bunnies and arrows will be pointing in the direction you need to go to gather those all important chocolate eggs!


Project, instructions and photography: Emily Dawe. Visit her website and

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