We’re going to show you how to make a real statement with your Easter bonnet this year, where more is, well… MORE. We’ve literally thrown everything we have at this one!

First thing’s first – take one Paperchase Easter Bonnet. It’s a bit like a straw Panama hat at the moment, but will be much more bonnet like when we’re finished with it. Secondly, we’d urge you to use a glue gun for what we have in mind. PVA just doesn’t cut the mustard when trying to glue on a giant flocked carrot, trust us! Just remember to get an adult to help you with this as those glue guns get pretty hot.


Step One

Insert our funny little chicks around the brim of the hat, or wherever you fancy. These are easy, as you can push their feet through the holes in the hat itself. Cute!

Bonnet Chicks

Step Two

We don’t know why, but we loved the idea of replicating one of those Australian hats with the corks attached to the brim, only we’ve used eggs. Hello? It’s Easter, not the outback. Push the little ribbons through with a pencil and tie a neat knot to stop them falling off. By the way – we used our large pink flocked egg to work on – it’s like a bright pink head!


Step Three

Now for the fun bit! We wanted to have an Easter garden running around the brim of the hat. So we stuck on lots of paper flowers and tissue tassels onto the bonnet with a glue gun to make it look like a papery Spring garden. We’ll show you how to make the flowers in step five. These were designed by our lovely friend Laura from, so go to step five to learn how to make them (Also see our previous post How to Make a Paper Flower Crown).

BOneet-Half-Made Eyes

The tassels are super easy peasy. Grab a bunch of tissue and layer it up – our three sheet packs work a treat. Then simply cut strips into it, but not all the way to the end. Once you’ve made your cuts, twist the end and you’ve got your tassel. Layer these up to create the grass.


Step Five

Download and print the flower templates: Flower Crown Template. Each page should be printed on a different colour as in the photo below.



  • Curl the edges of the petal around a round pencil to give them their form
  • With the edge of some scissors, carefully curl the star shape centres
  • Glue together in layers, as shown



  • Curl the petals in towards the centre of the flower
  • With the edge of some scissors, carefully curl the fringed paper. Then roll and glue it
  • Glue together in layers, as show.



  • The same way as you did for the peony, curl the petals in towards the centre of the flower
  • And, again, use scissors, curl the centre leaves
  • Glue in layers as shown, finishing with the tiny circle of paper – be very careful with the glue gun on this bit! PVA might be easier.


The finished flowers!


Step 6

Now you’ve decorated the brim, the bonnet is looking mighty fine. Now to decorate the top! There’s so much you can do here and with a glue gun, even the largest items will stick firm. We went for a giant carrot, a toadstool (with a lil’ chick sat on top!) some more flowers and a cute little wooden butterfly decoration. Some of these items are in-store only, but plenty to choose from here.


Step 7

THEN, we added… a fluffy chick and some large flocked eggs – these are what held up the carrots – we chopped out three carrots from our carrot bunting and stuck them onto the sides of the eggs so they stood up. We may even add more. You get the idea – just keep adding things until you are happy with it. So there we have it, our Spring Garden Chicktastic Easter Carrot Bonnet! Eggscellent!

What will your theme be? Do share with us on Instagram and tag us @frompaperchase, we’d love to see your Easter bonnets.


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