These handmade origami Christmas baubles are not only cost-effective, but they look absolutely stunning. With a couple of packs of origami paper, scissors, glue, a dash of patience and some ribbon, you’ll have your very own bespoke paper Christmas baubles!

Our mate Emily Dawe will show you how it’s done, but for the folds, we’d recommend following the steps after the video!

You Will Need

Origami papers (or very thin paper)


● PVA glue and a small brush

Thin ribbon

Large decorations – use 2 x 21cm paper squares

Small decorations – use 2 x 17cm paper squares

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Step One

Take one square of paper. Fold diagonally in half, then open it out.


Step Two

Fold the square diagonally in half the other way, this time keeping it folded.


Step Three

With the base of the triangle towards you, take the right point down to the bottom point and fold.


Step Four

Repeat this, by taking the left point down to the bottom point, and fold.


Step Five

Turn the diamond shape around 180°

Step Six

Open out the left side of the diamond. Fold the inner piece over to the right, then press along the crease


Step Seven

Do the same on the other side.

Step Eight

With the open side of the diamond facing away from you, fold in the two sides to the central

crease, to create a kite shape.


Step Nine 

Flip over and do the same on the other side.

Step Ten

Cut off the excess triangles from the top.


Step Eleven

With the base of the triangle facing towards you, use the same technique as in Step Six

open out a section, fold the inner piece to the right and press along the crease.


Step Twelve

Repeat this technique to all of the sections.

Step Thirteen

With the base of the triangle towards you, take the right point and fold it up to along the central crease.


Step Fourteen

Repeat this technique to all of the points.

Step Fifteen

Open out the shape. Fold the small triangles you’ve just created inwards, and crease. Do this all the way around and place to one side.


Step Sixteen

Repeat this whole process to create a second identical shape.


Step Seventeen

Cut a 25cm length of thin ribbon or twine and thread it onto a large needle.

Step Eighteen

Cut a small slit in the centre of one of the shapes and thread the ribbon through the hole, then back down again.


Step Nineteen

Take off the needle. Tie a large knot into the ribbon (you don’t want it coming up through the hole you just made) Apply a little glue to the knot to secure it.


Step Twenty

Apply some glue to 2 of the points of one paper shapes. Take the other paper shape, line up the points and hold in place until secure.



Step Twenty One

Continue gluing around the edges, 2 or 3 points at a time, until you have created one whole shape. Leave to dry.

TIP – It’s a good idea to work on gluing a few decorations at once, say 4 or 5, as by the time you have glued a couple of sections of them all, the first one will be strong enough to work on again


Hey presto – you’re first (but hopefully not your last) finished origami bauble!



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