We asked our mate Kate Lilley from MiniEco if she could show us how to make some Christmas decorations – something beautiful, geometric and contemporary.

Well, she nailed it as far as we’re concerned. Want to learn how to make these facetted paper Christmas baubles? Then read on champs.

We’ll let Kate take you through how these are done in her own words – they look super difficult, but fear not, they aren’t as tricky as you might think. Kate, over to you…

I’m a bit obsessed with geometric paper models. These paper jewels are really versatile and can be used as hanging decorations (for your Christmas tree) or can be incorporated into a mobile or garland. I would love to make about a hundred and string them up in front of my window…however there is a limit to my patience!!

You will need:
+ Good quality A4 coloured paper
+ Scissors
+ Ruler
+ Glue
+ Thread
+ Sticky tape
+ Compass point or needle for scoring
+ Silver/gold spray (optional)




Here’s how to make my Paper Jewel Decorations:

1. Print out the crystal template. Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘text and image’. Cut around the outside of your gem.


2. Score along all the dotted lines using a ruler and pointy object (such as compass or needle). Make a mountain fold along each of the horizontal lines.


3. Make a valley fold along each of the diagonal lines.


4. You can spray your gems using metallic spray paint if you want them to look more jewel like. Make sure you lie your templates on an old piece of newspaper and spray lightly on one side only.


5. If you want to hang your model up then make sure you stick a loop of thread inside the model before gluing the model together.


6. Glue your model together flap by flap until the paper jewel is fully assembled.


So there you have it! Try making both sizes, using all different colours and stringing up across a branch, on your tree or wherever takes your fancy!





Hope you enjoy making these paper jewels and we’d love you to share them with us – our Instagram is @FromPaperchase if you want to share the love! Don’t forget to tag us.


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