We visited Alex Stedman (AKA The Frugality), a freelance fashion editor/stylist and stationery lover, at her North London office space to give her a ‘Paperchase Desk Refresh’ and ask her some very important stationery-themed questions…


What’s your favourite item on your desk and why?

I have to have a lip balm on my desk at all times – bit of an obsession! But probably a nice scented candle – such a nice treat to have it on and helps me feel a bit more balanced (even on my super-manic days!)


Tell us about your typical work day…

I don’t really have a typical work day, I could be on a shoot all day on a styling job or I could be shooting street style for my blog; I am often in town for meetings with clients and brands – but I am trying to come into my office space more and more frequently and really get some content organised and uploaded. I use my office for shoots and to film now as well, so it has so many purposes.


Do you have any top tips for staying organised?

I am a list-amaniac – and I’m definitely pen and paper kind of girl – everything is written down and I go through it often, marking when it’s done and adding elements that need to be revised.


Describe your (refreshed) desk in three words

Chic, minimal and practical


What’s your new year’s resolution?

I don’t really have one, I made a conscious effort to work less last year – I hired an assistant so I no longer work at weekends or evenings (unless it’s Fashion Week, of course!), so I will probably just try and keep that going. I find that keeping old resolutions going is often harder than starting new ones – and I’m due to have a baby this year, so there will be enough newness to embrace without any real resolutions!


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