You may have noticed we’ve gone for a Mexican vibe this year for Christmas and as such, we’re going to show you how to wrap a bottle… piñata style! Bottle bags have their place, but with a bit of forward planning your bottle will never have looked so fancy!

*Disclaimer: we’ve said piñata style, for goodness sake do not try to smash it open with a stick!

This is just a cheeky twist on the old wrap round a bottle and twist the top round trick, but wayyyyyy more snazzy.

First thing’s first! Gather up your wrapping kit – tissue, ribbon, a llama decoration (more options here), some scissors, glue, invisible tape and a present tag.


Step 1

Take your base colour tissue – this will wrap around the entire bottle.


Step 2

Starting from one side, roll the tissue around the bottle


Step 3

Tape the side of the bottle to ensure the tissue doesn’t slip off and then twist the tissue around the neck of the bottle and tape it down neatly. Finally tuck the excess tissue into the base.


Make sure the top is nice and neat! It will need to be for when you decorate it.


Step 4

Choose three sheets of different coloured tissue and cut a strip from the first colour. Trim to size so it fits all the way around the base of the bottle with a little overlap. Then cut a fringe along one edge. With the glue gun, add a thin line of glue along the top edge. Your first fringe is now ready to apply to the base of the bottle.


Step 5

Glue your first strip around the base. Then choose your second colour and once again, measure to size – don’t forget these are going to get smaller as you go up, so you don’t want to waste your tissue here. Alternate the colours as you go. We chose gold, blue & pink. Stick to the order and it will look far more effective and pretty.



Keep going all the way to the top!


Step 6

Now you want to add a ribbon to the top of the bottle to make it look pretty. Apply some glue to the back of the ribbon and apply to the top side of the bottle top. Again, measure it first, you don’t want any over-hang here really.


Step 6

Now we’re going to combine the llama decoration with the gift tag to make a bottle neck decoration/tag for your message. Snip off the string from the gift tag and get rid. Snip the ribbon on the llama decoration, insert both ends through the tag and tie around the neck of the bottle. JAZZY!


Step 7

That’s it, your done. Unless you want to add more embellishments and we say, why not? More is always more.


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