Want to learn how to wrap like a pro? You’ve come to the right place, wrap is our fame and wrapping things up is our game!

We’re going to show you how to tackle making your kids’ presents stand out from the crowd, styling out awkward shapes (on a budget) & wrapping inspiration for every type of friend or family member. We’ve got you covered this year.

I want to wrap my child’s presents with something a bit different this year. Any ideas?

(This present is LIT.)

Our dinosaur wrap has been a huge hit this year, so this HAS to be this as your base paper. All children love dinosaurs, but we don’t think just the paper is enough. We have got soooo many present accessories this year, you can afford to go a bit crazy with them. Just mix up those ribbons & bows – the more fun you have wrapping it, the more fun they’ll have opening it. Why not tie battery lights round them & light up their Christmas morning!


I only have wrapping paper, but I have a really difficult shape to wrap. HELP!

The easiest way to tackle awkward gifts like say… a pencil case or a child’s toy is to make a gift bag out of the wrapping paper you have. Think about it: you have all those angles, some hard, some soft and it’s just so awkward to wrap and you suffer paper splits and ending up screwing the paper and tape up and throwing it. Well, you would throw it, if that tape hadn’t stuck to your hand. You get the gist: annoying.

Making a bag out of paper is not only simple, it means you can just drop the gift inside and fold over the top, plus it looks pretty and doesn’t break the bank. Even better – our rolls of wrapping paper are on 3 for 2.

First of all make sure the paper will cover your gift completely, then you’re set to go.

Step 1. Lay the paper flat (anchor edges if it’s all curling over)

Step 2. Fold one side over, the overlap the other side and tape. You’ll end up with a loop of paper – two hole either end,


Step 3. Fold one of the open ends over, then lift it upwards and squash it flat. You’ll end up with a diamond shape.

Step 4. Fold in the top and bottom corners and tape it all down.


Step 4 Insert your hand into the open end and open it all out. You’ll be left with a bag shape.


Pop your gift in, then fold the corners down, and fold the whole lot over and tape. Then just add a bow or a tab or any decoration you like. Loads to choose from here.


Kings of Wrap n’ Roll

We’ve got a wrap style for everyone – which one are you?





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