Today we’re going to show you an amazing way to wrap a round present. Now, trust us here, you will have at least one round gift to wrap this Christmas and it can be tricky to get a finish that doesn’t look like you’ve had a fight with the tape dispenser. Fear not our plucky wrappers, our easy to follow technique will have your gifts looking like they’ve been wrapped by a pro. Scroll down for the video and we’ll show you how.

The lovely Lauren, who is our head office wrapper extraordinaire, is here to show you this nifty technique she uses each year. When she presented this to us we looked at it and thought ‘there is no way we’re going to be able to replicate that.’ She proved us wrong. This looks super complicated, but it’s not, anyone can do it.

Your family and friends are going to be so impressed with this. Look at those splendid pleats.


So Lauren, mate? How do we do it again??!

Lauren used the following items for this look:

+London Scenes Tissue Paper 

+Green Glitter Trees Ribbon 

+Present Toppers – Lauren used the Holly one, but these are perfect for this

Check out the full range of papers and gift wrap accessories and experiment with textures, finishes and embellishments.

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