We all know getting a message on social media saying HBD just isn’t the same as receiving a witty card. For Mark at Brainbox Candy, the ruder the better. The Power of The Card is that you can bring a little giggle to anyone at any time of day. Sending a gif of a grumpy bunny is cute and all, but sometimes you’ve got to think outside the hutch.


Do you have anyone in particular in mind when you are designing your cards?  

We primarily design cards that we find amusing and hope (with our fingers and toes crossed) that others share our warped humour.

What do you think makes a great card design?  

 Originality is key, there are so many similar and often plagiarised designs in the marketplace, we strive to do something different each time we create a new range or design.

How did you get started in designing cards?

 By accident tbh, my business partner and I both enjoyed sending and receiving left field, quirky, humorous cards and were in the process of looking into creating our own business to move away from our existing careers and thought, cards why not.  We took a bunch of our newly created designs to a trade show and they were a big hit. It’s incidentally where we first met the Paperchase buyers.

Where do you get your inspiration from?  

Everyday life, current affairs, wise talking horses, things that we find amusing and our mums (Keith and Roy)

Do you still enjoying sending – and receiving – cards?

Yes absolutely, I feel the same way ten years on into this company than I did before we started it. The sincerity of sending and receiving cards can’t be underestimated. Receiving a text or a Facebook message on your birthday is a bit hollow in comparison isn’t it!?

What’s the best card you’ve ever been given and why?  

I once received a card from my brother, that he had somewhat modified with a biro. Too rude to go into detail here and it goes without saying that I have banished him from the family, however, it was very funny.

 If you could send a card to anyone (could be anyone, someone you know, don’t know, past or present) today who would it be and what would you say? 

I would send a card to the late Spike Miliigan saying “You inspired me so this is all your fault, I hope you are satisfied”

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