Katie’s cards sum up the ‘Birthday grumpy but funny’ category perfectly – made for anyone who likes to grumble about not celebrating another year of their existence.

We asked Katie Abey about the Power of the Card in her experience and how receiving a personal message from someone you love can really turn a bad day on its head and make you feel all twinkly.


Do you have anyone in particular in mind when you are designing your cards? 


My friends and family are definitely in my mind when I design cards.

I like creating cards that say things that ‘traditional’ cards don’t.


After years of sending people cards, I think it is really refreshing to say more fun things with a card.


My Grandma loves my ‘Well done for being born many years ago’ Crocodile card so much that she buys it in bulk from me to give to all of her friends!



What do you think makes a great card design?


I like to buy cards that show the person that I have thought about them. If I can find a card with something relating to an inside joke on it then I’m on to a winner.



How did you get started in designing cards?


I started designing cards as part of a new year’s resolution. I decided in 2014 that I was going to draw an illustration for every day of the year.


Certain illustrations proved really popular after posting them on my social media and I started looking at what the designs would lend themselves to, cards being one of the first things.


I am still doing an illustration every day, nearly 5 years later (definitely the longest I have ever kept a resolution!)


Where do you get your inspiration from?


My husband definitely inspires a lot of my cards. I created a dinosaur card that says ‘you are annoying but I love you’ as that was what I wanted to say! Sometimes you don’t want something dripping in poems and verse and it’s great to get something that gets to the exact point.



Do you still enjoying sending – and receiving – cards?

– Even though designing cards is my job I do still love sending a quality card. I often choose cards by artists I think that the recipient will like as a way of spreading art love.



What’s the best card you’ve ever been given and why?


The best card I ever got was a crude ink drawing of a naked lady saying ‘You are bloody lovely you are’ that my friend sent me to cheer me up at a low time. I have it above my desk and look at it every day and it still makes me feel twinkly and chuckle.



If you could send a card to anyone (could be anyone, someone you know, don’t know, past or present) today who would it be and what would you say?


I would love to send a card to Freddie Mercury. I know he loved his cats so I’d include a photo of my Frank Cat and hope for a response with loads of photos of his own cats.



Find more of Katie’s work here


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