The art of gift and card giving is founded on the basis of celebration. Everyone should feel represented on each occasion they choose to celebrate, but unfortunately, at times that isn’t the case. Kitsch Noir founder, Cherelle Brown, tells us about the shortage of cards in the industry that represent people of colour, and how she initiated change by building a brand that caters to everyone.

Our Power of the Card campaign encourages you to send a nice note or lovely letter without the need for an occasion, but the Kitsch Noir range will inspire you to think of milestones you hadn’t thought of celebrating before.

Read on for our Q&A with Cherelle.

Do you have anyone in particular in mind when you are designing your cards?

I always think of who I imagine giving the card to and how the card fits their personality.

There is always an occasion to celebrate in my friends and family’s life so most cards I have designed were for a specific person, which is probably why the variety is so large!

The majority of the people illustrated on the cards are people I know, for example Wakan Dad – that’s actually my dad! Birthday Girl & Birthday Boy – My niece and nephew!

What do you think makes a great card design?

I think a great card design is a card that instantly makes the recipient smile or laugh. Something that they can relate to, something that they will cherish and not want to throw away.
How did you get started in designing cards?

I LOVE cards and stationery, so would always buy cute little quirky ones without even having an upcoming occasion, but I soon realised that the cards I was so into; sadly did not represent what I or my family or friends looked like…so many funny and endearing cards but none with people of colour on. I wanted to make a change and provide a brand that catered to us too!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everyday life, things that frustrate me/make me laugh often inspire me. Or events that happen in life and I think…there should sooo be a card for that!

Like deciding to wear your hair natural – That is a milestone event that deserves a celebration! Say hello to ‘The Natural Hair Starter Pack card‘ it’s the perfect gift for the occasion!

Do you still enjoying sending – and receiving – cards? 

Definitely enjoy sending them, one of my best mates is now my Pen Pal as she lives in Korea, I feel so retro haha! Can’t wait to receive my first card from her!

It’s just so valuable to know that someone put in that time and effort to pick a card, choose a pen, find out your address, buy a stamp ect.

I don’t receive cards much now that I have created KitsCH Noir as people think it’s rude to buy me another brand’s card or weird to give me something I’ve designed…however I love receiving any card through my letterbox, it’s such a thoughtful act.
What’s the best card you’ve ever been given and why?

Probably last year, KitsCH’s first Christmas collection, my brother gave me one of my own designs.

That was the first card I received from the business and it was a realisation like wow, I drew that! Narcissistic much? (If I don’t love me, who will? Lol/No Lol)
If you could send a card to anyone (could be anyone, someone you know, don’t know, past or present) today who would it be and what would you say?

I would send a card to Solange to thank her for the album – ‘A Seat At The Table’ I would tell her how much she has inspired me, others, the brand and how important she is to this generation.

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