It’s Love Week We’ve teamed up with our friends at Lindt to create the perfect love story. The marriage between a cute bear and a huge love of chocolate.

This is such a quick, easy and simple idea that the kids will love and parents will love more, the only thing is, they may need to be encouraged to make a few of these – one of these delicious chocolate Lindt hearts is just not enough.

So, to make these, simply download our template: BEAR TEMPLATE and let’s begin!

  1. Cut out the templates and trace your shapes onto two pieces of different coloured card. We chose brown and cream, a classic combo, but something like pink and red would be really cute for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Holder_1

2. Cut out all the different parts of the template

Chocolate Holder_2

Chocolate Holder_3

Chocolate Holder_4

3. Once you made all your cuts, let’s start glueing on the shapes and building our bear

Chocolate Holder_5

Chocolate Holder_6

4. For the arms that will hold your chocolate heart in place, make a little fold at the top of the arm and stick this on the back of the bear

Chocolate Holder_7

Chocolate Holder_8

5. Once both arms are secured, pop your heart onto his belly and fold the arms over and glue the hands together

Chocolate Holder_9

Chocolate Holder_10

Chocolate Holder_11

6. We told you it was easy – a quick and fun way to brighten up someone’s day on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Holder_12

Find out what else is happening for Love Week here and check out our art department for all your materials.

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