We all know Jack Fincham loves pens, but what are his other stationery picks?

We are very excited to announce that we have Jack Fincham, of Love island 2018 coming in to our flagship store to meet you guys! Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer filled our screens with pure cute all summer and went on to win the show. Not only were they crowned Love Island Winners 2018, Jack and Dani have become the nations sweethearts.

Jack is a self professed stationery lover and it turns out we have a lot in common. He loves stationery, we love stationery. But don’t just take our word for it, come and meet him in our Tottenham Court Road store on Thursday 13th September from 5-7pm. There will be free postcards with classic Jack quotes for you to help yourselves to plus the chance for Jack to sign your favourite notebook.

We caught up with Jack to get some more stationery insiders.


Q: What made you get into selling pens?

A: I didn’t just sell pens, I sold everything you could possibly use in an office, even furniture! I started out working for my stepdads friends stationery company and worked my way up. I got a massive client base and then we started a new company 4 years ago that I am sales director of.


Q: What’s in your stationery cupboard?

A: Unfortunately I don’t have one haha. Ironic


Q: Do you have a favourite bit of stationery? 

A: If I had to choose, probably a hole punch they’re fun to use lol.


Q:  You would love to be the future David Attenborough, what’s your favourite animal?

A: I love all animals – but I’d say my favourite are dogs, I also love primates and I love watching programmes about them.


Q: What’s your favourite stationery store?

A: My old stationery company DMG 😂👍



Q: If you could create a collection of stationery, what would be the theme?

A: I’d make it really smart. I like gold, so it would be really smart, stylish, gold and black.


Quick fire!


Blue or black ink? Black defo! Means business!

Ruled or blank pages? Ruled , otherwise the writing goes everywhere.

Pens or pencils? Depends what your doing. Pencils are for drawing.

Fluffy pen or biro? Fluffy pen

Shark or unicorn? Sharks! What an animal.

Do you own a label maker? Nope.

Have you got a text? HAHA VERY FUNNY.


See Jack’s favourite picks from our range here








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