If you want a cute way to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding party then we always think it’s a fun idea to do it with a goodie bag! Today we’ve teamed up with Emily & Jessica at Bespoke Bride to show you just how easy it is to create a bunch of fun gift bags for your gal pals (and just what sort of goodies you can fill them with!). You could even give these gift bags as a thank you after the wedding if you would prefer!

So we’ll let the lovely ladies at Bespoke Bride show you how it’s done! Let’s get started, shall we?



Team Bride Goodie Bags – these are currently only available in flagship stores in London, Manchester & Glasgow. This is a great alternative, but fear not – more will be online again soon. Otherwise, why not get creative with one of Paperchase’s many other gift bags? // Washi tape in pink // Washi tape in yellow //

Start by placing your first strip of washi tape across the bottom of the bag, don’t worry about cutting it to the perfect size, we found it’s easier to place the tape on first then cut the edges off after (being careful not to snip the bag!)


Repeat this process varying the colours of your washi tape until you get to the TEAM BRIDE slogan on the front. If you’d prefer to use others colours other than pink and yellow then go ahead! You could match them to your wedding theme or even create a rainbow goodie bag! FUN!

Finally add two more stripes above the slogan and cut them down to size.


Now that you’ve finished customising the bag it’s all about the goodies inside! We decided to go for a bunch of gifts that are super girly, full of fun and also pretty darn handy!



Love Emoji Novelty Pen // Pink Marbled Candles // Truly Alice Flamingo Snow Globe // Lips and Teeth Stickers // Watermelon iPhone Case // Geranium Pink Satin Ribbon (to tie up the candles) // Iwako Pink Ice Lolly Eraser //

As you can see we popped in some cute stationery with the emoji pen, ice lolly erasers and stickers and finished off the bags with a bunch of other gifts! Who wouldn’t want to receive a flamingo snow globe or a watermelon phone case?! I’m pretty sure I’d want to hang on to those marbled candles myself too! We also thought it would be fun to pop a couple of rolls of the washi tape in.

Obviously these are just our recommendations for the perfect bridesmaid goodie bag, we’d love to know what gifts you’d put in yours?!


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