These awesome pencil toppers (made from pipe cleaners) are an easy and quick craft to do with the kids this summer holiday. Most of the materials you probably already have knocking about in your craft box, but if not don’t worry as we have everything you need to make this line up of funny characters. First things first, kick your imagination into gear and decide which animal you’re going to make (or just make up a whole new creature), then gather your materials.

We’ve based this ‘how to’ guide on the lion but simply change the colours to create a different character.

What you need to make the Pencil Toppers:

Pipe cleaners in orange and yellow

Quick drying glue (e.g. UHU All Purpose Glue)


Mini Pompoms – one large pink,  two medium yellow, one medium white and one small purple

Googly Eyes

Art Card

Black marker


How to make the Pencil Toppers:

Pipe cleaners, pompoms and googly eyes can be used for any number of crafts – today we show you how to make a quick 10 minute pencil topper – a perfect addition to your pencil case when heading back to school. Here’s how to make a lion but you can make anything really: monsters, flowers, bunny rabbits, snakes…the list goes on. See the photo at the top of the post for some ideas of what you could make.

Step 1. Wrap the orange pipe cleaner around the larger pink pompom to create the mane


Step 2. Using your glue, attach the two medium yellow pompoms next to one another about half way down the face. Now glue the white pompom below the two yellow ones.


Step 3. Glue two googly eyes onto the pink pompom, above the two yellow balls.


Step 4. Whilst these are drying, cut two ears out of the yellow card and colour in the middle with the black marker. Next glue on a little purple pompom for the nose by placing on top of the yellow pompoms, in between the eyes.


Step 5. Using your glue, stick the ears onto your lion’s face (behind the pink pompom).


Step 6. Twist the yellow pipe cleaner around your pencil tightly, finishing at the  rubber end of the pencil.


Step 7. Put some glue onto the top of the pencil and glue the lion’s head onto the pencil (just behind the white pompom). Now leave to dry.


That’s it! A very simple and fun character to give your pencil real personality.

Now you know how, why not see where your imagination takes you?

Our guest blogger today is Tia Miller from A Crafty Alternative.

A Crafty Alternative is a London-based company running modern-day craft workshops for people wanting to make their homes gorgeous, but without the hefty price tag. The business is owned by Tia Millar, craft fanatic and mum to a very energetic toddler!  Aside from designing the classes and teaching, Tia writes the blog and is very involved in all sorts of crafty endeavours including foraging and making things from stuff found in skips or offered on freecycle!

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