We met up with Emily, from the Pink House to give her a little Paperchase ‘Desk Refresh’ using our Refresh & Reboot collection and  to ask her a few questions about her working day and sexy stationery!



What’s your favourite item on your new desk and why?

That’s a tough one – so many gorgeous items! But I’m going to say the brass scissors: I’m always searching for a pair of scissors and these are so chic. Can I also mention my personalised notebooks? They just make me so happy.


 Tell us about your typical work day…

At the moment every day feels like a crazy juggle between being a mum, running my business and renovating The Pink House in London. So it usually starts with the kids jumping on our bed, before I finally give up and make some tea for me and The Pink House Husband. If I can persuade him to do the school run (that’s where the tea making comes in…) then I can get a head start on my work, which begins with going through my emails, replying to invitations, considering collaborations and new projects and reassuring my agent that I’m on top of everything! Then I’ll be writing blog and Instagram posts, project managing the renovation of the kitchen, working on a couple of exciting new projects I have coming up, and eating soup made by PHH (he loves making soup as much as he dislikes pink). On the days the kids go to after school club I usually have meetings or photoshoots in central London, and a couple of evenings a week I’ll attend events. Or if PHH is away on business it’s getting the kids into bed ASAP before getting stuck into a Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle and a glass of wine while reading a book – currently loving Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I know about love’. Then I pass out under my pink linen sheets.


Do you have any top tips for staying organised?

Have a hard copy to-do list. I find that if I keep everything on my phone or computer I get sidetracked when I’m just checking what I have to do that day. Writing a daily to-do list in actual pen (ideally a pink, sparkly one) helps focus my mind without digital distractions.



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Describe your (refreshed) desk in three words.

Sexy stationery sorted!


If you could have a desk mate, who’d you pick and why?

Tom Hardy. Although I’d never get anything done…


‘Tell us a bit about The Pink House…’

The Pink House is all about fabulous family living, despite the kids. I’m here to help inspire people to create a home for themselves that expresses their personality and makes them feel happy everyday. My own house is filled with colour, pattern and gorgeousness – and plenty of pink. I’d rather have a chocolate stained velvet sofa than no velvet sofa at all, and through The Pink House I’ve discovered plenty of other mums who feel the same way.

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