Do you love stationery? Are pens your thing? Do you study in the UK? Do you take a mean flat-lay? Does your heart say you need new stationery but your student loan say no? Are you still reading? If you’ve answered every question with yes, we have a super exciting opportunity for you! We are looking for 5 students around the country to become Paperchase student ambassadors. Read on to find out how!

 We have 5 shiny gift cards loaded with £100 for you to spend on essential school stationery. All you need to do is take your best flat-lay and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #schoolofpaperchase to be in with a chance of being an ambassador!


What does that entail we hear you ask?

Well the perfect ambassador would be a stationery LOVER, a genuine Paperchase champion and a social media hero. Additional responsibilities include: 

  • Spreading great messaging around Paperchase products
  • Post content across Instagram / YouTube product hauls / products
  • Takeover the Paperchase Instagram for a day between now and next term to talk about what you’re up to
  • Support posts on Social Media and champion the brand!
  • Answer a Q&A for The Journal Blog



We hear ya’ – what’s in it for you?

  • £100 to spend in Paperchase
  • Attendance at your local Paperchase events in your official capacity! + live reporting on social
  • 15% off products
  • Ambassadors picks and recommendations page on the website
  • 600K+ Multi Channel Reach / channel exposure
  • Some additional product provided for new range review
  • Future collaboration opportunities


Read on to find out a little bit more about our current ambassadors!

INTRODUCING our ambassadors..

First up: Mahat


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 STUDIES: Education and Sociology with a module in Chemical Engineering!

WHY? ‘I decided to study Sociology as I was quite interested about the different topical issues surrounding todays society, and the way in which current affairs in society are dealt with, and then I also picked Education as I want to become a University lecturer, and the Chemical Engineering module was something I did out of choice – for fun, of course! 😉 x.’

WHERE: University of Birmingham

MUST HAVE? ‘My must have stationery item has to be the Pilot C4 pen, that is an absolute godsend.’

WORK ENVIRONMENT: ‘My dream desk decoration has to be a variety of plants, and fairy lights!’

YOUR COLLECTION: ‘It’d probably be coffee based, because as you can probably tell – I’m an avid coffee lover, haha’

 Find more from Mahat over on his Instagram or YouTube

Meet: Vee
Student Ambassador VeeSTUDIES: ‘Classical Archaeology and Ancient History’
WHY? I decided to study this subject because I love love history and studying it alongside Archaeology gives me a chance to essentially bring the history to life! I get to explore beautiful monuments, engage with primary sources and have so much fun on my course! I’d highly recommend.
WHERE?  University of Oxford
MUST HAVE? ‘My must have stationary essential is a good notebook. I’m obsessed with notebooks, the cuter the better. I have a pink fluffy one and I can’t get enough of it!’
WORK ENVIRONMENT: ‘Dream desk decoration would be a book holder. I’d love to have one for decoration sake and for practical purposes too. I’d love love to use one as it’s difficult to prop open books when you’re trying to make notes etc.’
YOUR COLLECTION:  ‘Would be inclusive, fun and inspiring. It would send a positive message and become more than just stationery, but a lifestyle.’
Find more from Vee on her Instagram and YouTube

Introducing: Lauren
Student Ambasador LaurenSTUDIES: Philosophy BA (3rd year)
WHY? ‘Good question! I picked Philosophy because I’ve always found it interesting and it’s definitely made me more open minded about different opinions and ideas about the world and why we do the things we do.
WHERE? Cardiff University (a semester in University of Oslo)
WORK ENVIRONMENT: Needs a letter peg board!
YOUR COLLECTION: ‘Minimalist and simple – I am too easily distracted by pretty colourful things!’
Find more from Lauren on her Instagram!


And finally: Nicole


Student Ambassador NicoleSTUDIES:  Fashion Management and Communications

WHY: I decided to study it because it is both academic and creative! It opens a lot of doorways to all sorts of different careers in the Fashion industry.

WHERE: Sheffield Hallam

MUST HAVE: My must have stationery essential is a diary! (if that counts) I’m super busy with uni, work and music (gigs) that I need to make sure I’m keeping track of everything and am never double booked!

WORK ENVIRONMENT: My dream desk item is simply a lovely little frame with a picture of my beloved dog in it!

YOUR COLLECTION: If I could design a range it would be heavily inspired by music and art. Bold prints, bright coloured pop art, inspired by Andy Warhol, David Bowie and Mick Jagger.



Find more from Nicole on Instagram



If you want to be part of the gang, make sure you submit your flat-lay on Instagram using the #schoolofpaperchase by 31st October!

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