What happened when our D-Hun from Paperchase met P-Hun from Philip Normal? Well, we had a good old natter about toast, fur and glitter of course…

D-Hun: U OK HUN?


D-Hun: I’m really well hun. So, how did you and our brand director Scott meet + how did this partnership come about?

P-Hun: I have a sassy little shop in Brixton in South London & Scott popped in a few times and bought a few t shirts. Then one evening I bumped into him wearing one of my T-Shirts in a pub in Clapham and we got chatting. He was such a hun. I think we just hit it off creatively.

D-Hun: What’s the obsession with breakfast foods & and actually, what does ‘On My Toast Hun’ even mean?


P-Hun: We are often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day hun, and I think it’s really important to think about what people are putting on your toast. I like a nice moist non-crunchy peanut butter myself. What do you like on your toast?

D-Hun: Well, I don’t like to overload my toast too much, so just a splodge of butter suits me fine. What was on your toast today hun?

P-Hun: I haven’t had toast today, I had a crumpet hun!

D-Hun: P-Hun, we didn’t we include a crumpet in the collection?

Speaking of which – what’s your favourite product in the collection & why?

P-Hun: I have several favourite pieces in the new collection I don’t think I can single one out. The SIZE MATTERS ruler is just the most ideal back to school item that I could dream of. In fact, most of the collection, the way I wanted to approach the ideas was to think, hey, what would have been the ideal stationery items that I wanted in school. The furry backpack is ideal if you want to hug your bag. I’m late for everything so the I’LL PENCIL YOU IN HUN has practical implications for my timekeeping, and it comes with stickers… so… you know.. stickers.


D-Hun: Normal is your real surname isn’t it? Define normal in 2018.

P-Hun: It is my real name! I think normal is a hilarious word. People throw it about all the time. Personally, I embrace expressing yourself and being you.

D-Hun: Fur or Glitter?

P-Hun: Glittery fur.

D-Hun: Or furry glitter? Tell us about a normal day in the life of Philip Normal?

P-Hun: There is no such thing as a normal day. Each day always brings a new challenge. I love working in my studio making new pieces for my shop in Brixton. I love making to do lists on sassy stationery. I love bringing people joy with a fun slogan. I enjoy people laughing and bringing people together.

D-Hun: Aww, P-Hun! You’ve brought us a lot of joy today & we loved talking to you (as always), you’re such a hun!

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