A pencil case can, if not approached correctly, be a very boring thing. Naturally, we don’t do boring. So, if you’re looking to revamp your stationery, come closer and let’s talk about what case to choose and get zippy!

Yay or Neigh?

Love Unicorns? You’ll love this. A pencil case that actually says ‘I Love Unicorns’ filled with unicorn pens and pencils and butterfly shaped erasers – truly a-neigh-zing. What about that washi tape? There is a whole set of those, so fly yourself away to our website here to take a look.



We hope you’re too old to know about this, but ask your Mum about Bananarama. Bananarama were THE girl band of the 80s and this is THE pencil case of 2017. If you don’t like bananas then we suggest you move along. If you do, then well, hang around a bit and take in the yellowy goodness of this pencil case and matching stationery.


Planet of the Apes

We love the primary colour palette of our Monkey Puzzle range, or should we say primatey colour palette? If you’ve puzzled over what to buy for the new term, then we’ve just given you the solution.


Hello Kitty

This Hello Kitty Pencil case is part toy, part pencil case. Hug it, put your stationery in it – this might just be your new best friend come term-time! There are at least three to choose from and the one at the bottom, it’s huge AND it has an adorable apple zipper! Cute.


Check out the rest of our pencil cases here and fill it here!

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