We love paper and just adore colour! As it turns out, we’re not the only ones.

We invited some paper craft gurus to take part in the Play with Colour challenge; to create something beautiful using our range of Spectracsope paper. Here our winner and runners up share their makes with us and what inspired their creations.

Winner: Paper Flower Bouquet

Laura from Things by Laura


This beautiful handmade paper flower bouquet created by Laura is our winning entry. Each piece is packed full of details, from the delicate paper petals to the miniature stamen and tiny hand cut paper bunched together to create texture in the centre of each flower, it simply took our breath away. Bravo Laura!


Laura says ‘I love making paper flowers and there is something very pleasing about bunching them into one finished ‘thing’. I spent a long time choosing the colours for my make as I wanted to use colours that wouldn’t usually be seen together. I settled on peach, yellow, red and pale blue with a neutral grey thrown in there for balance. I was so chuffed to have won the competition, thanks Paperchase!’


Laura used a selection of Rainbow & Pastel Spectrascope card to create the flowers.

You can see more of Laura’s extraordinary paper flower creations over at, perfect for weddings and events.

Runner up: Paper weather garland

Laura & Tia from Little Button Diaries

paperchase weather garland 1

How cute and cheerful is this weather garland created by Brighton mums Laura & Tia? The playful rainbows, fluffy clouds, droplets of rain, lightening and bursts of sunshine feel exactly like usual bank holiday weather. We love it!

paperchase weather garland 5

Laura & Tia say ‘We had a big blank wall waiting for something to brighten it up, when we were invited to take part in the ‘Play with Colour’ challenge. Once we opened the parcel of paper the array of colours inspired us immediately to create this colourful paper garland. It’s a nice quick make to cheer up a gloomy space and awash it with colour (and weather!)’.

Laura & Tia used a selection of Rainbow & Pastel Spectrascope paper to create the garland.

Join Brighton-based mums Laura & Tia and follow their adventures in craft and baking over at

Runner up: Paper Decorations

Gude from Hodge Podge Craft


Now we all love jewellery, but even more so if it’s made from paper, right? We thought these pastel paper beads were a really neat idea for crafting with the kids or indeed for decorating your home. Gude also created this pretty origami mobile, in pale pastel pink and blue and hot pink for contrast- just perfect to hang in the nursery.


Gude says ‘The paper beads were something I had made before but never in these colours. I really liked the matte effect that the Spectrascope paper gave as it changed the look from something child-like to something a little more grown-up.’

‘Creating the origami crane mobile was a must as I just LOVE origami! The mobile was a fun way to brighten up my bedroom but it would work equally well as a baby shower decoration.’

Gude used Spectrascope paper in pastel & rainbow to create her makes.

Gude (Jude-with-a-G) is a theme-park-loving, paper-folding, stationery addicted mum to two small boys.

Crafting makes her happy and Hodge Podge Craft is a place to share easy crafting activities and projects.

Find our more at

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