Dream catchers are fun to make and you can master some basic threading techniques and learn tassel making. Embellish your catcher with feathers, washi tape and gems and hang it up ready to catch some sweet dreams.

Time Taken: 1 hour – 1.15 hours

Suitable for: Beginners

You will need:

1. Draw around a small plate that measures about 16cm diameter, then inside of that draw around another plate or bowl that measures about 12cm diameter. Cut out the ring using scissors.


2. Wrap the circle with strips of washi tape to cover it. Use a ruler and pencil to measure and mark 3cm intervals, then use a single hole punch to make a hole where you have marked.


3. Cut 60cm lengths of orange and green twine. Knot the orange piece and thread it through one of the holes from the back of the ring. Washi tape down to secure. Thread around the circle, missing every other hole. When you get back to the start, secure with tape and repeat with opposite holes for the green twine. Cut off any excess.


Tip: To make it easier to thread the twine through the holes, wrap washi tape around the end so the twine resembles a shoelace. This will make it easier to push through.

4. Measure and cut 2m of orange twine and thread into one of the holes. Tie a knot at the back and tape to secure. Count 4 holes along and bring the twine back through. Continue all the way round like this until you reach the original hole, to create a star shape. Tie the end onto the first knot and trim the excess.


5. Tie different lengths of green and orange twine to the bottom holes of the dream catcher. Make tassels by wrapping twine around 3 of your fingers about 10 times, then cut the twine. Slide it off your fingers and take another piece measuring about 10cm and tie a tight knot round the bunch about 2cm from the top. Cut through the loops at the bottom and trim the ends to neaten. Tie these onto the ends of your hanging twine.


6. Attach feathers onto the hanging twine by taping them together with double-sided tape, sandwiching the string in between. For the centre of the dream catcher, stick 3 feathers on top of each other using doubled sided tape. Cut a length of orange twine (10cm) and stick it onto the back on the feathers using double-sided tape. Thread it onto the weave of the dreamcatcher and tape in a loop to secure.


7. Thread another piece of twine through the top hole and knot to make a hanging loop.


Alternative Design

For a different design, you could wrap twine around the ring, in between the holes. Make decorative hearts by covering the front and back of a wooden heart pendent with washi tape, then trim around the edges and re-poke the hole with a pencil. Attach decorative stars onto the twine by taping 2 stars together with double sided tape, sealing the twine in between.


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