It’s nearly the Summer Holidays and boy oh boy, we can’t wait to break up for Summer!

Say what? What do you mean we don’t get Summer off anymore? Outrageous.

If you are in need of a last minute Teacher Appreciation gift or card… LOOK. NO. FURTHER. Well, a bit further or you won’t see what’s on offer.  We’ve got cards and gifts and cute little bags to put them in.

All teachers like tea and coffee, that’s how they stay alert all day and manage to mark papers late at night. As such, these would make a perfect gift and brew. Thin porcelain – seriously, makes all the difference. What’s more, you can choose their initial. This time it’s personal.


Notebooks – everyone one loves them. Teachers devour them like kids devour sweets. They’ll love these patterned notebooks! Jazz up their note taking with a pattern to suit their personality. Our old teacher Mr Penfold for instance would have liked a nice heavy one that he could throw at us.

Floral Notebooks

Patterned notebooks

Marking papers can be much more fun with these funky little fellows! Bear with!


Bear highlighters £3

As we said, teachers need constant cups of tea & coffee on their breaks – these are fab as they can keep it warm if they have to dash off quickly to tell some kids off.  Plus, no spillage.


Washi tape take-out mug £10, Botanical floral mini insulated cup £6

You can’t send a gift without a card, right? We like these – they have apples on. Teachers only like apples, Tom told us at lunch, that’s all they eat… well, that and children if they are naughty, but we think Tom is telling fibs.


Teacher appreciation cards

You needn’t spend a fortune on a gift – it’s the thought that counts and these lovely little bags are great for small gifts, like little diaries, jewellery (steady on, bit much?) chocolate or a little framed photo of their favourite child. Ha, LOL!


Little creatures ladybird gift bag £2.25, Small Happy Birthday gift bag £2.25

We LOVE these Agenzio notebooks and so will teacher. Huh, if they know what’s good for them.


Noto Journals

Anyhoo, hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas! The other day we heard that teachers have something called ‘lives’ outside of school. We’re not sure we believe this, but we’ve cobbled together some other ideas below in case this is actually true.

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