Welcome to our Lovers Guide – The Joy of Decs! Lol.

We LOVE Christmas and we LOVE tree decs. This post is dedicated to that love. While you may traditionally think of a tree decorations as round glass baubles, tree decorations have become so much more than that. Today, we’re celebrating the sheer variety of baubles available and of course, we’ve taken the humble decoration and taken them to heady new heights.

The Wild Lover

Woodland animals are here to stay and thank goodness for that we say. Our Northern Lights collection features a whole bunch of Nordic inspired decorations, woodland animals, geometric baubles, pine cones & shiny constellations, mixed with shades of navy, teal, gold and our absolute fave… rose gold. A really yummy colour palette, fairly traditional of mind, but with a modern edge and frankly, it’s about as traditional as we’re going to get!


100 Mini glass baubles £10, 180 Neutral shatterproof baubles £12.50, 6 White pine cones £15, Geometric animal baubles £12

The Colour Lover

Now for something a little different… So, we’re all a bit in love with Mexico this year – Day of the Dead skulls, llamas, cacti, pinatas, burritos and Mexican wrestlers, so we’ve taken a punt and made a whole range of Christmas decorations with a Mexican theme. If you’ve been looking for something a bit out of the norm, we think you might have found it? Picture a white tree, covered it glass cacti? Swoon.


3 Glass cactus decorations £10, Sequin piñata decoration £6, 12 Wooden llama decorations £10, 6 Felt cactus decorations £8, Neon donkey decoration £4, 3 Mexican wrestler decorations £15, 3 Wooden Skull decorations £8

The Fun Lover

Christmas should always, always be if nothing else… FUN. So, this look is fun with a capital F. What’s more fun than fun? This.

Our 3 for 2 decorations are always the first tree decorations to sell out first and you can see why right? Unicorns, skiing reindeers, spacemen, pineapples, foxes, alligators in fancy dress, popcorn carts, hot dogs, burgers, safari animals, heck we can go on, but if you can think it, we might just have it.

We get lots of comments such as ‘how is that Christmas?’ Well, the key things any discerning Christmas connoisseur is looking for in a decoration are: Does it hang on a tree? Yup. Is it coated in glitter? Er… yes! So yeah, it’s Christmas – alright? We’re not trying to throw shade here, but Christmas puds and mince pies (while delicious) are old news.

So, what tree decorations are you going for this year? Share your pics and thoughts with us on social!


Gold stripe zebra bauble £4, Neon pom pom bauble £3


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