Who are you thinking about? 

We only ask as it’s Thinking of You Week (26th September – 2nd October).

Thinking of You Week is the perfect time to send a card to someone to let them know you’ve been thinking of them. It also proves that even if you didn’t reply to their WhatsApp message from last month, that you’ve gone to effort to buy and write them a card instead.

Of course… you could send a text, but that would be awkward after not replying that time. You could send an email. Heck, you could actually call them and talk to them. Or how about a bit of FaceTime?

You could do that… only… isn’t it nicer to send a card? A handwritten note to say how much they mean to you? A carefully chosen card that has a slogan on it, that somehow manages to completely define your relationship with your best mate? Or a picture only they will find funny (and they know why, but that’s between you two. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas after all).

Ok, so we’ve now convinced you to buy a card, we’re going to give you a hand on choosing one.

Say it with a Slogan


So many slogans on so many cards – you’re surely sure to find one that fits that person you are thinking of! Is there always drama on their birthday? Is she a Lovely Lady? A big old bossy boots? Your Favourite? Or are they just SAVAGE. We love that one. Seriously cool slogans for one and all and there’s more where that came from – check ’em out here.

Unicorns are EVERYTHING


To some people unicorns really are their everything; they are their life, they live for unicorns. Well, you lucked out here – we’ve got a whole herd of unicorns ready and chomping at the bit to be sent. Neigh-fty!

Wishing You Were Here


Who remembers postcards? We used to send these when we went on holiday – we didn’t have mobiles and roaming charges back then. Of course, said postcard usually arrived two weeks after we got back, but it was a great way to let people back home know our weather was hotter than theirs and that we were having a great time. We didn’t have social media then either – hard times. Anyway, our point and we do have one, is that postcards are back in style baby and we’ve got a whole load of them here.

Let the Party Be Gin!


We all have that friend or relative that always seems to be posting about having a glass of Prosecco or a gin on Instagram (GUILTY!) So these cards are just perfect for drunk social butterflies! Find these and more here.

We Totally Just Lolled


Aren’t these cards just an absolute hoot? Justin Beaver? Beyonce Moles and that Ariana one?! Genius. For the person that reads the Daily Mail Online at lunch, but says they’re desking it today because they’re too busy (trust us, there’s nothing wrong with that) these are the perfect card to choose.

More cards here, but we hope this has given you some ideas. Say it with a card – an oldie, but a goodie.

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